‘Boku no Hero Academia’ leaves us with honey on our lips and a new power for Deku, but we already have a release date for the return of season 6 of the anime

Although it was one of the most anticipated series of the fall, ‘Boku no Hero Academia‘ has been a bit buried between the big premieres and the new series. This does not mean that he has not given us moments, because the sixth season of the series has gone up a level compared to the previous onesalthough we have to put it on pause.

But with a return date

The end of the first half of the sixth season is just around the corner and will air on November 24. With the Christmas schedules in the middle, the broadcast of some animes have been altered a bit, with which ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ is going on a small temporary hiatus.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait too long, because the series returns on January 7, 2023 with the second batch of episodes. It is hoped that it will also have a new opening and ending, although for now it has only been confirmed that the latter will be performed by Six Lounge.

Be careful, from here there are spoilers for season 6 of ‘Boku no Hero Academia!

If the previous seasons had left fans with a certain letdown, season 6 has greatly improved the quality and pace… And if Deku already had few abilities, the most recent chapter of the anime has finally explored his new power.

During the most recent arc, we have been able to see Midoriya unlock different levels within the One For All that he inherited from All Might, and now it’s the turn of Nana Shimura’s “quirk”which was yet to be unlocked.


Thanks to this new power, Deku has a kind of vision that warns him of imminent danger and allows him to dodge it., as if we were talking about the spider-sense of Spider-man. Midoriya is still trying to get used to these powers and learn how to use them… And we still have a few more to unlock so we can expect more surprises from One For All.