Boku no Hero Academia: Midnight is coming to My Hero One’s Justice 2 – Universo Nintendo

If a certain informant is correct then Midnight from Boku no Hero Academia will be the next DLC character for My Hero One’s Justice 2.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 for now it is the only game for consoles based on boku no hero academiaand to keep it up-to-date, downloadable content continues to be added.

This is how a new addition to this title is filtered and it is nothing less than the beautiful Nemuri Kayambetter known as midnight. The leak apparently comes from the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from Shueishawhose new edition will come out next weekend.

It is a contribution of ryokutya2089a well-known insider with a pretty good record when it comes to predictions. midnight would be the ninth character that will come as DLC to the game and as part of the Season Pass 2.

After her there should only be one more, and that is in case another season pass is not added. To the uninitiated she is a professional hero, but she is also one of the teachers of the UA Academy

midnight have the Quirk from dream scent on boku no hero academia, with which he can put anyone to sleep. It is more effective with men than with women.

Doesn’t sound like something very spectacular for a brawler arena as it is My Hero One’s Justice 2. However, it remains to be seen how it is implemented by biking, the studio in charge. So far he has been very creative in taking advantage of the characters of this series.

It should be noted that midnight He is also capable of fighting using his whip, so it is surely something that this developer will take advantage of to vary his attacks. You may also use a bit of the flirtatious and provocative way you usually address others.

At least to put their rivals at a disadvantage. If her appearance in the game is confirmed over the weekend, it is possible that a trailer for her will be published that same day or a few later.

Before midnight they joined My Hero One’s Justice 2 Characters like Hitoshi Shinso, Present Mic and Kurogiri. Who will be the missing character?

Perhaps it is a villain and just to “balance” things, since of those mentioned before only one of them falls into that category. But bandai namco maybe he wants it to be another hero. It is difficult to predict what this company that has the rights to this popular manga and anime will do.

Boku no Hero Academia: Neito Monoma has a connection with Spider-Man

addition to this game another one is on the waybut that will be style battle royale and of which more details are missing. Thanks to Siliconera by The advertisement.