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The character of Neito Monoma from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) is inspired by an actor from the Spider-Man movies.

Not long ago I saw information appearing that Neito Monomaone of the students of the UA Academy on boku no hero academiawas inspired by an actor from one of the films of spider-man.

But the source was not clear to me, so I let the news pass. However, this weekend it was revealed that the information comes from the creator of the Serie, Kohei Horikoshi and from the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from Shueisha.

Specifically, from the author comments section of this publication in its 12th issue this year. East mangaka commented “Monoma’s design is based on Dane DeHaan from [The] Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

DeHaan participated in this film sony pictures In the role of harry osborno, aliases Green Goblin. In a certain way, the resemblance between this artist and the fictional character is very evident. curious that Horikoshi has revealed it.

Boku no Hero Academia: Neito Monoma has a connection with Spider-Man

Always the author of boku no hero academia he has taken note of superhero comics as one of his sources of inspiration. So this revelation about Neito Monoma and its relationship with said film of spider-man is something that could be expected Kohei Horikoshi.

His love of adventures Spiderman It is something that he himself highlights. In an earlier issue of the magazine he mentioned it again when speak of your visit to the cinema.

“I watched Spider-Man! I never thought my favorite movie of all time would change at my age.” commented on issue 10 of Weekly Shōnen Jump.

This time he was referring to the most recent, Spider-Man: No Way Homeone of the great successes of recent times and which stands out for having three versions of the Spiderman. for someone like Horikoshiwho is a fan of the work of sam raimiIt was a wonderful moment to see this film.

Boku no Hero Academia: Neito Monoma has a connection with Spider-Man

who have seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you may notice that the inspiration of Dane DeHaan What harry osborn on Neito Monoma it could go beyond appearance.

This character, who studies in class 1 BHe behaves a bit obnoxious. especially towards Izuku Midoriya and the students of the 1-Awhom he considers his rivals. The Quirk he has allows him to copy most of the abilities of other characters.

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At least for a while and it is something that he knows very well to take advantage of in boku no hero academia. But in recent manga history his gift is something quite useful. Thanks to @WSJ_manga by The advertisement.