Boku no Hero Academia season 6 already has a release date

boku no hero academia“He confirmed the return of his anime for this coming October a few months ago, with what will be a season 6 that will initially escalate the hero-villain conflict to heights never before seen (and that’s saying). Now , still more than two months away from the premiere in question, It has been confirmed when exactly we can enjoy Deku, Bakugo and other characters again by Kouhei Horikoshi.

Boku no Hero Academia already has a date for the premiere of its season 6

With that said, I leave you with the tweet from the hand of WSJ_Manga which has collected the information in this way:

and now I want comment four things What I think should be taken into account:

  • As you will see, season 6 of the Boku no Hero Academia anime opens on October 1, 2022. ❗
  • Currently, the Boku no Hero Academia anime has covered the events up to volume 26 of the manga (total 35, for now), more specifically up to chapter 257. ✔️
  • We are still in the middle of the ‘paranormal liberation war‘, and the truth is that we only have the introduction of it at the end of season 5. ✔️
  • So I would expect that this season 6 will cover everything that remains of the arc, until chapter 307and then As of season 7 we will already move on to what is called the ‘Final Saga’ of Boku no Hero Academia, in which the manga has been submerged for a long time. ❓

I honestly believe that this season 6 of “Boku no Hero Academia” is very important that BONES I managed to hit the key in order to properly set the table for the final stretch of history. Seeing that right now the manga has approximately 360 chapters, and it’s not going to end overnight, I would assume that the end of the story will be adapted in more than just a season 7. We will have to wait because we are still far from all this, but the goodbye is getting closer.

Synopsis of Boku no Hero Academia

We are in a world where superheroes (and supervillains) abound. The best humans are trained at the Hero Academy to optimize their powers. Among the normal minority, without any power, Izuku Midoriya appears, willing to be an exception and train at the Academy to become a legend.

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