Boku no Hero Academia: These are the most popular characters in 2022 –

Find out which are the 100 most popular Boku no Hero Academia characters this year according to fans of the series.

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With its 6 seasons and 3 movies, Boku no Hero Academia is already one of the greatest series in the history of anime and manga. Kohei Horikoshi began publishing this manga in 2016, in Shonen Jump, which was quickly adapted into an anime series, which has already accumulated more than 120 episodes.

Right now, season 6 of the series is on the air and, in fact, is in one of its best moments, fully immersed in what is considered the best plot arc of the entire work. In Spain we can enjoy manga thanks to comic planetwhile the anime is available for streaming via crunchyroll Y Netflixand in a physical edition by select vision.

as it happens every year On the occasion of the anniversary of the publication of the manga, Shonen Jump magazine conducts a popularity poll. In it, readers must choose their favorite character from among all those who have appeared at some point in the work. Next, we will tell you which are, in Boku no Hero Academia, the most popular characters of this year 2022.

The most popular characters of Boku no Hero Academia in 2022

In this year’s ranking, although the podium remains similar to that of other years, there is some other surprise. For example, with Endeavor’s high position and All Might’s relatively low position, among many other characters. Besides, there are several “characters” of the most hilarious and that, honestly, I don’t understand how they managed to sneak into the top 100, although I’m not going to complain either. Without further ado, We leave you with this ranking of the most popular characters from Boku no Hero Academiaordered from number 1 to 100.

Boku No Hero Academia
  1. bakugo
  2. midoriya
  3. Shoto
  4. Endeavor
  5. iida
  6. Kaminari
  7. Aizawa
  8. hawks
  9. kirishima
  10. uraraka
  11. dabi
  12. shigaraki
  13. mirio
  14. Sero
  15. rody
  16. tamaki
  17. Present Mic
  18. Shinso
  19. Jiro
  20. All Might
  21. Toga
  22. monoma
  23. momo
  24. Nejire
  25. Mirko
  26. tokoyami
  27. shindo
  28. Drooling Bakugo from the illustration with Mahoro
  29. tsuyu
  30. Best Jeanist
  31. mustard
  32. Nemooto
  33. Mine
  34. Overhaul
  35. nighteye
  36. Twice
  37. shoji
  38. shishikura
  39. all for one
  40. ojiro
  41. aoyama
  42. Fat Gum
  43. Hagakure
  44. Tokage
  45. hatsume
  46. mineta
  47. Nagant
  48. Edgeshot
  49. press
  50. bakudog
  51. Magna
  52. horikoshi
  53. stars
  54. eri
  55. In
  56. Flect Turn
  57. Yoichi
  58. shirakumo
  59. orca gang
  60. yui
  61. Gentle
  62. Tokuda
  63. mere
  64. stain
  65. Setsuno
  66. Dark Deku
  67. inasa
  68. carmine
  69. washing
  70. kendo
  71. tetsutetsu
  72. Nezu
  73. Mon
  74. shotocat
  75. second user
  76. koichi
  77. Bakugo’s eyebrows
  78. fuyumi
  79. Maijima
  80. midnight
  81. the brave
  82. kuroiro
  83. tsukauchi
  84. Mandalay
  85. giant lady
  86. Komori
  87. spinner
  88. mt lady
  89. Chrono
  90. kioda
  91. Sato
  92. Natsuo
  93. Manual
  94. Inko
  95. hisashi
  96. melissa
  97. grand torino
  98. Ibara
  99. shoda
  100. Kido

And, up to here this ranking of the 100 most popular characters of Boku no Hero Academia according to the fans in this 2022. Which character in the series would you choose? Do you miss any character? Tell us through social mediawhere we remind you that you can follow us and find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.