Boku no Hero Academia: This is the Froppy cosplay that sweeps the fans

Froppy is surely one of the most classic characters that one can remember in “boku no hero academia“. It appeared from the first when Deku was destroying all the parts of his body trying to learn to use the One For All, and among us it has remained until today. It is not surprising, then, that being one of the main female characters of Kouhei Horikoshi’s work be popular among cosplayers, which ends up leaving us with little jewels like the one I bring today.

Froppy is already real thanks to this magnificent Boku no Hero Academia cosplay

So then I leave you Froppy’s cosplay by the hand of nymphahriwhich I’m telling you has completely swept platforms like Reddit:

At first, cosplay doesn’t seem particularly spectacular, and I think that’s precisely what makes it special: that it’s a tremendously natural representation of the character from “Boku no Hero Academia”. I already say, what I have seen most commented is that it is one of the most accomplished Froppy that we have had in years of cosplay, and honestly I am sure that this is a character that has dozens, if not hundreds of cosplays behind his back with what he came to resonate “Boku no Hero Academia” at its ‘peak’.

To all this, although we still have a few months to go until the premiere of season 6 of “Boku no Hero Academia”, as you will have verified, what is not missing at all are the cosplays of the fans. So much so, that to accompany this one from Froppy I will leave you immediately one of Dabi that I was able to rescue this week and that, honestly, looks imperial:

Synopsis of Boku no Hero Academia

We are in a world where superheroes (and supervillains) abound. The best humans are trained at the Hero Academy to optimize their powers. Among the normal minority, without any power, Izuku Midoriya appears, willing to be an exception and train at the Academy to become a legend.