Boku no Hero Academia: When and where to see episode 6×15

Know the exact date and time of the premiere of Boku no Hero Academia 6×15 and where you can see it.

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The 6th season of Boku no Hero continues its broadcast, already in the winter season 2023, and after a short break due to Christmas. We are seeing how the series gives the final shelving to the ‘Paranormal Liberation Front Arc’, and with it, to the first part of the season. Now, the anime will show us the first bars of the next story arc, which is relatively calmer than the previous one, but equally important for the plot.

As after each episode, surely you are dying to find out when and where you can see the 6 × 15 of Boku no Hero Academia. Therefore, below, we reveal this information to you, in addition to commenting on what we can expect to see in it, along with its revealing title.

Boku no Hero Academia 6×15 – Where and when can you see it?

Regarding the place where you can see it, as it has been happening for some time, the 6 × 15 of Boku no Hero Academia will arrive on Crunchyroll. It is true that the My Hero Academia anime is distributed among some of the best platforms to watch anime, so we should not take the premiere on Crunchyroll for granted either.

As for the release date, the 6×15 of Boku no Hero Academia will be available outside of Japan next Saturday, January 14. At the moment, this episode will only be available in VOSE, and it doesn’t seem that the dubbing will arrive very soon. And, it is that, until now, we have only been able to enjoy the first two seasons of Boku no Hero Academia dubbed into Spanish.

In the same way, we also know exactly what time the Boku no Hero Academia episode 6×15 will be available on Crunchyroll. In Spain, the episode will premiere at 11:30 next Saturday, or what is the same, at 05:30 EST.

Deku Boku no Hero 6

Regarding what we can expect from 6×15, as usual with Boku no Hero Academia, we can deduce it from the small preview that is always shown to us at the end of each episode as a post-credits scene. Really, the most revealing thing is the title of this: ‘Tartaro’.

This refers to the prison in the series in which the most powerful villains in Japan are imprisoned, some of them thanks to class 1-A of the UA, to which our beloved protagonists belong. However, this name is a reference to classical Western culture, since Tartarus was also a prison from Greek mythology, located in the depths of hell, and in which the Titans were locked up.

boku no hero tartar

The fact that the 6×15 of Boku no Hero Academia is called that anticipates that something important is going to happen in relation to this place. Perhaps it is simply a visit that some heroes are going to pay to some villain imprisoned there, although there is always the possibility that the inmates of Tartarus organize a riot and escape from the prison.

And you, dear reader, what do you expect to see in the 6×15 of Boku no Hero Academia? Are you liking what has been released so far in season 6? Tell us through social mediawhere we remind you that you can follow us and find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.