Boku no Hero Academia: Where and when is the 6×13 premiere

Here we tell you when and where to see the premiere of episode 6 × 13 of Boku no Hero Academia so that you are the first to enjoy it.

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the anime of Boku no Hero is at one of its hottest moments right now, with the great fight between the heroes and the villains nearing its inevitable end.. The premiere of this 6×13 episode of Boku no Hero Academia, although on the one hand it will be a great joy, since it will be one of the many gifts (hopefully) for anime fans this Christmas, too mark that we have reached the equator of this season.

After having witnessed the climax of the ‘Paranormal Liberation Front Arc’ in the previous episode of Boku no Hero AcademiaAt the premiere of this next 6×13, an atmosphere much closer to the outcome will be breathed. If you want to be the first to witness the 6×13 episode of the Boku no Hero Academia anime, then we will tell you where and when you can see the premiere.

Discover where and when to see episode 6×13 of Boku no Hero Academia

In Spain, we can currently enjoy Boku no Hero Academia through different means. If you want to have the physical edition of the series, thanks to select vision we have the first two seasons on Blu-Ray and DVD, in addition to a collector’s edition of each of them. On the other hand, the three films in the saga are in the catalog of Prime Video.

If you want to stream the anime series itself, there are two options. One of them is the streaming giant, Netflixwhich offers within its catalog the first two seasons of the entire series. If you want to watch seasons 4-6, you’ll need to subscribe to crunchyroll.

My Hero Academia Ova

And precisely It is this last platform that makes the simultaneous premiere of the anime with Japan and, therefore, where you can see the 6 × 13 episode of Boku no Hero Academia for the first time. The premiere is in VOSE and, if you like to see the series dubbed into Spanish, unfortunately it seems that you will have to wait. And not a little precisely, since so far only one dubbing of seasons 1 and 2 of the series has been made.

Regarding when is the premiere of episode 6 × 13 of Boku no Hero Academia, according to Crunchyroll, will be available from Saturday December 24 at 11:30 am (Spanish peninsular time) within the vast catalog of anime offered by the streaming platform.

And you, dear reader, Will you watch episode 6×13 of Boku no Hero Academia as soon as the premiere takes place? What are you hoping to find in this upcoming episode of season 6 of the anime? Tell us through social mediawhere we recommend you follow us and thus find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.