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Endeavor will have to deal with a very annoying villain in the second OVA of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) that will come out in the summer.

If you are fans of endeavor and the young heroes of boku no hero academia then the information about a new OVA interests them. Previously, I shared them that before the premiere of the sixth season of the anime there would be a couple of additional episodes, which will be available in Japan this summer. At that time there was only the theme of one of them, but this Friday information emerged about the theme of the one that was missing.

The name of this second episode is Warae! Jigoku no Yō niWhat does it mean Laughter! like in hell. This OVA of boku no hero academia takes place during the Endeavor Agency Arc. So it is related to the fifth season of the anime. The synopsis highlights a series of incidents related to graffiti that have happened in the jurisdiction of this professional hero during the winter holidays. It even looks like a plague!

Boku no Hero Academia will have OVA with Endeavor

The culprit of these acts is a self-proclaimed artist named mr smileywhich has a Quirk It allows you to evade capture. So the police ask him for help. endeavor. However, he considers the graffiti a minor crime and tells the authorities to deal with the case themselves. Certainly, with so many villains populating the world of the Serie and the problems they generate draw much more attention from this hero.

The bad thing is mr smiley played too much with his luck and in this OVA of boku no hero academia decided to vandalize his own house endeavor. It is to be imagined that the passionate father of Shouto Todoroki he won’t stand such an offense so we’ll see how he catches the culprit. As planned, this episode and the previous one will hit Japanese theaters from June 16 to 19. They will then be available on TV and video services.

I want to imagine that Crunchyroll will have them at some point in its catalog, as well as the sixth season of boku no hero academia. Let’s see when new advances of these OVAs come out to take a look at them. In the same way as the main series are studio work bones. They will serve to “calm down” a bit to the fans who are waiting for the new wave of episodes. The exact release date is yet to be revealed.

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Thanks to Anime News Network by additional details. Although they are filler episodes, their theme is ideal for doing something very fun and entertaining.

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