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Kohei Horikoshi shared a new art of Wild Wild Pussycats from Boku no Hero Academia. Could it be that he suggests his return?

If there are some characters that are a bit forgotten in Boku no Hero Academia son Wild Wild Pussycats. This group of heroes, which is made up of Mandalay, Pixie-Bomb, Ragdoll Y Tiger had its main battle in the School Trip Arc.

But they suffered the loss of Ragdoll, who lost his Quirk due to All For One. This villain took it from him and decided to use it for his own purposes. They have since made a few appearances.

But they are mostly sporadic. However, there is a possibility that they will return at some point. At least that is what some think because Kohei Horikoshi, creator of the Serie, published a new art.

There these characters appear in a different way. They all have feline elements, but now he changed them to tiger-inspired ones. In his message on Twitter It is mangaka he says he forgot he had a hero named after him.

So now she took advantage of it, just like the others Wild Wild Pussycats, to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the Chinese New Year, which this time focuses on the sign of the water tiger. But it seems to say something else.

According to a source, the message inside the illustration suggests that this group of heroes could appear again in the manga. Boku no Hero Academia. I imagine that it refers to a part of what appears in the new sketch.

It starts with the words “wild wild” written in Japanese, but the third line says something different than “pussycats”. In addition to this text, the names of the team members appear: Tiger, Pixie-Bomb, Manderlay Y Ragdoll.

I imagine that in Japan Mandalay they know her as Manderlay that’s why Kohei Horikoshi I have written it like that. Maybe he has another rescue mission planned with this team.

Wild Wild Pussycats They have been working to rescue people for 12 years and have a good record in that regard. So it is possible that they are taken advantage of in the same way in the manga of Boku no Hero Academia.

But only following the work of Horikoshi its reappearance could be confirmed. It is doubtful that this mangaka refers to the anime, since although he supervises it, it is managed by Bones for the most part. What if it refers to a spin-off?

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That is, to one of the secondary manga of the series. That is something that cannot be completely ruled out. Thanks to @aitaikimochi for the translation.