Boku no Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission reveals its duration

The next movie by Boku no Hero Academia It is one of the adventures that his demanding fandom awaits the most.

An original work that seeks to take the 3 Musketeers of the UA to a new adventure on a personal level. But today the full length of the film has been revealed.

With a duration of 105 minutes in total, the work supervised by the creator of the series Kohei Horikoshi is a few hours away from its premiere, this August 6, in theaters in Japan.

In Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: World Heroes’ Mission, Deku and his companions will face a fearsome group of villains, ready to end the world as soon as possible and with the dirtiest tactics.

For this, the organization will begin its misdeeds by accusing Deku of committing mass murder, taking All Might’s favorite, Shoto and Bakugo on a covert mission to save humanity in just two hours.

Promotional image of 'Boku no Hero Academia the Movie World Heroes' Mission'.

Armed with new tactical suits, the three musketeers of the UA will finally be born, as the triad that will destroy everything in its path shouting Plus Ultra!

Technical details from Boku no Hero Academy the Movie: World Heroes’ Mission

The third film in the franchise will be available in all theaters in Japan from August 6, with several surprises for all those who attend its premiere.

The spinoff manga written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi that adapts the film will be delivered to fans in theaters, with just one million copies available to date.

In the West, the release date of Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: World Heroes’ Mission is unknown, but it is believed that it could arrive in late 2021 or early 2022.

Being a completely original story that does not affect the plot of its fifth season, the distributors could take a little more time than expected so we just have to be patient.