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Currently, students at the UA Academy of My Hero Academiaeither boku no hero academia in Japan, they are teenagers. They are just beginning their young careers in fighting crime and protecting citizens.

But since this manga and anime appeared on the scene, there has been no shortage of fans who imagine what they would look like when they were younger. There are many indications of this in the series.

Kohei Horikoshi plays with the characters of Boku no Hero

For example, we have seen the childhood of Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo Y Shouto Todoroki. But from the other boys there has been no such opportunity.

This is why some fans have created designs to imagine what these characters would look like. Nevertheless, Kohei Horikoshithe creator of the adventures of Deku and company decided to show us what they looked like when they were just in kindergarten.

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The illustration you can see in this note comes from My Hero Academia Smash!!the spinoff of boku no hero which focuses on some side stories of the series.

This is named My Hero Kindergarten and shows us Midoriya taking care of his companions. Only unlike him they are all little children. The most troublesome of all is Kachanwhich has gone to his head and attacks him with explosions.

Boku no Hero creator reveals what My Hero Kindergarten looks like

An animated spin-off with this idea would be very good

Midoriya has grabbed by the head Todoroki as if it were a doll and at its feet it is Uraraka very funny. This part of the drawing explains why she is using her Quirk in the boy, which after being touched begins to float.

That is why the disciple of All Might prevents it from being thrown upwards. However, due to the harassment of bakugocould not do the same for Kirishimawhich floats like a balloon.

Ochakō she has fun with all the chaos like any girl, clapping her hands and jumping. Asuion the other hand, prefers to take a leg of the protagonist of the series, as if she were somewhat afraid while Kaminari speaks to him

In the background we can see Tokoyami on the slide, although it does not seem very happy to say. My Hero Kindergarten sounds like a really fun idea boku no hero academiaalthough not for Deku.

That is what any babysitter suffers when dealing with hyperactive children, and worst of all, with super powers.