Boku no Hero: Schedule and where to watch episode 6 of season 6.

Do you want to enjoy Boku no Hero Academia season 6 episode 6 before anyone else? This is its premiere date, the schedule and the platform where you can see it.

In the last episodes, Shigaraki returned putting the heroes in great dangerespecially in the last episode, where Tokoyami saved Hawks from certain death at the hands of Dabi, resulting in a moral clash over the actions and decisions made by professional heroes.

He also managed to awaken Gigantomachia, an invincible enemy.

With all the heroes in checke What will happen in the next chapters? Will Endeavor, Mirko, Deku and Deku be able to stand up to them?Bakugo and the other heroes without more casualties or will they perish and Shigaraki will win, thus fulfilling his objective?

Find out where and when to watch the episode

Like the previous 2 seasons, in this case the issue will also be borne by Crunchyroll so much in Spain like in all Latin Americain its entirety, first in VOSE, and after a few weeks, the broadcast of the version dubbed into Latin Spanish will begin.

The length of the season, although not officially confirmed, according to leaks and as expected, will be 25 episodes, like the previous 4 seasons.

What is the Boku No Hero episode 6 schedule?

The premiere of sixth chapter from season 6 of the series will be the next saturday november 5. Then I am going to tell you the premiere schedule for Spain and all the Spanish-speaking countries, since we know that you also read us from the other side of the pond.

These are the hours:

  • Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): At 11:30.
  • Spain (Canary Islands) : At 10:30.
  • Argentina: At 06:30 hours.
  • bolivia: At 07:30 hours.
  • Brazil: At 08:30 hours.
  • Chili: At 05:30 hours.
  • Colombia: At 04:30 hours.
  • Costa Rica: At 03:30 hours.
  • Cuba: At 05:30 hours.
  • Ecuador: At 04:30 hours.
  • The Savior: At 03:30 hours.
  • Guatemala: At 03:30 hours.
  • Honduras: At 03:30 hours.
  • Mexico: At 04:30 hours.
  • Nicaragua: At 03:30 hours.
  • Panama: At 04:30 hours.
  • Paraguay: At 05:30 hours.
  • Peru: At 04:30 hours.
  • Puerto Rico: At 05:30 hours.
  • Dominican Republic: At 05:30 hours.
  • Uruguay: At 06:30 hours.
  • Venezuela: At 05:30 hours.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss the premiere, however, for those who can’t see it live, it will be available on the platform from that time and with subtitles available approximately an hour or two after its premiere.

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