Buttercup conquers us with cosplay of Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academia

The success of anime It is undeniable, and that is exactly the reason why an interesting dumbbell has been created with cosplay, since the artists behind this profession have found the perfect formula to make our fantasies come true, and let us see how they would be. the flesh and blood versions of some of our favorite characters outside of the strokes.

This time, we will talk about My Hero Academia, a popular anime series that has been gaining a wide fandom and that has given us great moments accompanied by many heroes and some of the best villains that have ever existed in manga. So we will take advantage of this space to pay a small tribute to one of the most charming characters.

She is buttercupa beautiful model and cosplayer from the United States, a huge fan of anime and addicted to cosplay, where most of his cosplay works are about his characters from some of the most important franchises, and with each of his versions he has surprised us. You can find her on her official Instagram as @buttercupcosplays, where she has more than 101 thousand followers, and photos with which she leaves us speechless.

This anime has introduced us to its protagonist: Izuku Midoriyabut very close to him, we can see the beautiful Ochaco Urarakaalso known as Uravity, a student at the Class 1-A of the UA Academya girl who is also preparing to be a Pro Hero.

A very warm and positive minded person, but objective enough to get ahead. This friendly girl, she is short and slim build with brown hair and brown eyes. Her gift makes her Zero Gravity, makes her a powerful ally.

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