Camie from My Hero Academia comes to life in an incredible and sexy cosplay | Spaghetti Code

Camie Utsushimi continues to strive to become a professional heroine, as well as the cosplayers around the world are fighting to honor the mighty warrior of My Hero Academia Anime.

This time we are faced with a talented cosplayer that gives life to Camie from My Hero AcademiaTaking advantage of the fact that this outfit, similar to that of a policewoman, may have a sexier connotation in our reality.

Photo: tinechan (Instagram)

Through different photographs, tinechan shows us different angles of La Camie, the heroine of UA. And of course, the cosplayer he completely maintains the character’s style, both in his poses and in his outfit … although the latex that highlights his figure seems to be something exclusive to this version.

In fact, the girl is so sure of her interpretation that she also allows us to see a casual version of Camie, in which we only have her famous hat left from the uniform, but which has surely left her followers very happy on Instagram.

Photo: tinechan (Instagram)

If we are sure of one thing, it is that this version de Camie does not need any special skills to make everyone who comes across her job dream. Still, the cosplayer fully understands that respect for characters of My Hero Academia it is necessary for a good interpretation.

Currently, My Hero Academia is entering the arch of My Villain Academy, one of the most prominent of the manga and that will surely give a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. Remember that you can already see these chapters in Funimation.

Photo: tinechan (Instagram)

What did you think of this Camie cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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