Camie has come to life in this My Hero Academia cosplay | Spaghetti Code

Although Camie was conspicuous by her absence in the fifth season of My Hero Academia Anime We cannot deny that he is one of the most relevant characters in history, and here is a great tribute to the heroine of Shiketsu.

This time it was cosplayer UniqueSora is in charge of bringing the great Camie Utsushimi to life in a way that couldn’t be more faithful to the character. Dressed in catsuit much like the one Camie wears in the anime series, UniqueSora played the heroine in her classic hero costume, which also includes Shiketsu’s signature hat, complete with a black forged collar with metal plates and signature white cuffs around Camie’s wrists.

Sometimes simplicity is perfection and there is no doubt that in UniqueSora cosplay there is a lot of it. The cosplayer shared his work through his Twitter account and went viral with more than 15 thousand I like it and multiple comments from her followers who praised her cosplay.

Here it is:

As you keep gazing at the cosplay from Camie, we remind you that Bones recently confirmed the sixth season of My Hero Academia, that will adapt Paranormal Liberation War, one of the most exciting arcs in manga.

My Hero Academia fue creado por Kohei Horikoshi en 2014, and since then it has become one of the most popular things today, and another proof of this is the tributes it receives every day from fandom.

What did you think of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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