Can the traitors of My Hero Academia be redeemed?

The traitor of My Hero Academia It has finally been revealed, and while the series threw in some great bait and change before confirming the identity of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, now the question arises as to whether redemption is possible for this former hero.

With Boku no Hero Academia telling the story of his “Final Act”, it seems that Kohei Horikoshi is putting many cards on the table as All For One and Shigaraki continue to prepare for their great assault on the society of heroes.

Warning! If you haven’t read the last chapter of the My Hero Academia manga in the MANGA Plus app, stay away now, as in The Truth News We dive into some serious spoiler territory.

Who is the spy in Boku no Hero?

Yuga Aoyama My Hero Academia Traidor

Yuga Aoyama is the traitor in Boku no Hero

It was revealed that the Traitor and spy of Class 1-A was Aoyama, the brilliant student who has the ability to shoot lasers from his weapon. Currently, Aoyama is working for All For One, feeding the villain information about the heroes he fights alongside, while the head of the League of Villains threatens the parents of the flashy hero.

When Deku approaches Aoyama to confront him about his actions, the traitorous member of Class 1-A collapses and sees himself as a “terrible villain”. Ultimately Aoyama is not a villain like Shigaraki or All For One, his parents dragged him into this situation a bit, turning to All For One to give the young hero his Quirk, just like Deku.

While it’s true that Aoyama has been selling out to her friends, taking actions like revealing the location of her friends’ training ground to help facilitate Bakugo’s kidnapping early in the series.

It’s clear that the young student is dealing with some very heavy emotions, struggling with his luck in life, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he could find redemption even in the next chapter or two of Kohei Horikoshi’s epic Shonen franchise. For more information, you can read all about how his traitor fell with All For One.

Will Aoyama be redeemed at My Hero Academy?

Many fans commented that Aoyama could redeem himself, if Deku manages to empathize with the former hero. Recall that the manga took the bait and switched with Aoyama, initially making it appear that “Invisible Girl” had been the one who sold UA Academy and its heroes.

But with the big reveal, it definitely looks like the brilliant hero is very sorry for his actions and you are already on the road to redemption. And now the question is How long will the My Hero Academia manga last?

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