Candylion.cos in an amazing cosplay of Camie from My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has earned the affection of a large number of fans around the world and it owes its success to many factors, but one of them is undoubtedly the wide and interesting cast of characters. Between heroes and villains, Deku’s adventures show us many characters who immediately became the favorites of the public.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that one of the female characters most loved by the cosplay community is Camie and it is not for less, since this heroine manages to steal everyone’s gaze, even in the same anime. This is why, the beautiful cosplayer model candylion.cos offers us her own version of her in Camie cosplay.

Camie is a particular character from My Hero Academia. She is part of a rival school to that of the protagonist and has ways that are anything but elegant, with an accent and a way of speaking that is incomprehensible to most. Her power allows her to create illusions. The cosplay made by candylion.cos is of excellent quality, and we loved it at first sight.

The model managed to recreate the clothing of the female character in detail, and even incorporated a wig that is identical to Camie’s hair, so the result is impressive, to the extent that in a short time she managed to get more than 34 thousand “Like” , in the publication of her official Instagram account, so we can’t wait to see her in another characterization of My Hero Academia.

For those who are not into the My Hero Academia anime and this character, we will tell you that Camie Utsushimi is a second-year student at Shiketsu Academy. She is a young woman with straight beige hair that reaches just below her shoulders and large dark brown eyes. She has remarkably full, plump, and glossy lips, as well as a rather curvaceous figure.

In her school uniform, Kemy wears the same white collared shirt and dark skirt as all the students at Shiketsu Academy. He also sports Shiketsu’s signature hat, either on his school uniform or in his hero costume.

Her hero costume consists of a simple black catsuit with matching patterned lines and a zipper down the center, slightly down to reveal her cleavage. He wears white cuffs around his wrists and knee-high heeled white boots, patterned with gray lines, as well as a loose black collar lined with metallic plates.