Chainsaw Man had a cameo in My Hero Academia and you never noticed

Admiration between creators is not uncommon in the anime and manga industry.because the writers and illustrators sometimes put small tributes to their favorite series in a discreet way, as happened with the epic crossover of My Hero Academia with chainsaw man. This is how Kohei Horikoshi expressed his admiration for the chainsaw man series within his own series with a great cameo that you surely missed.

demons and heroes

Chapter 259 of the manga My Hero Academia includes a great surprise for the curious who spend a lot of time to see each panel of the series, because if you look carefully you will find a figure that undoubtedly belongs to Chainsaw Man. It is a panel that includes innumerable heroes with Fatgum in front, being able to see Denji transformed in the upper left.

As we mentioned, it is a small tribute to the Tatsuki Fujimoto series, a series that by the way this year will receive its anime adaptation. These types of tributes are not uncommon in manga, such as the one currently held in honor of Akira Toriyama to celebrate the 40th anniversary of dragon ballone that has put different mangakas to imagine new versions of the covers of the classic manga.

Image: Shueisha

From manga to anime

Interestingly, this cameo from chainsaw man in My Hero Academia It was also brought into the anime of the heroes… albeit in a slightly made-up way. What happens is that the image will enter the sixth season of the anime, but instead of Chainsaw Man it shows a slightly different character. Instead of a chainsaw he has a giant saw on his head, as well as a different shirt and tie than the Public Security Demon Hunters. This is what the cameo looks like in the anime:

Image: Bones

Remember that you can read now the sleeve of chainsaw man completely free and translated. In addition, the second part of the Tatsuki Fujimoto series is now available for you to read right now, not to mention that this 2022 will land the animated adaptation of chainsaw man on Crunchyroll including dubbing into Latin Spanish.

What did you think of this crossover? My Hero Academia Y chainsaw man?


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