Classroom for Heroes, the new anime that brings Boku no Hero Academia to fantasy

One more light novel goes through the anime filter and will be officially released next year

Although we still have about half a year to go, in recent weeks quite a few anime have been announced for 2023, and it makes all the sense in the world. Almost all the novelties that are published now will leave until next year for a simple matter of ‘timing’, and that is the case of “Classroom for Heroes“. What is this anime you ask? Well, in fact, the best way I can define it today is that it is about a kind of “boku no hero academia“but to the fantasy.

If you like Boku no Hero Academia, it may be worth following Classroom for Heroes

Before going to the first details of the anime in questionI leave you with the first promotional image of it (via ANN):

And now let’s get down to business of the details with this new anime:

  • Classroom for Heroes is based on a light novel of the same name (in Japanese Eiyu Kyoushitsu), which is in charge of Shin Araki (story) and Haruyuki Morisawa (illustrations). ✔️
  • Classroom for Heroes has been in publication since 2015 and has a total of 12 volumes registered, which in terms of light novel gives enough to work as anime. ✔️
  • About the anime of Classroom for Heroes have been confirmed the following details till the date:
    • The anime will premiere on a date to be determined from 2023. ❗
    • Proceedingsstudy in charge especially of the franchise Girls & Panzer, will work on adaptation. ❗
    • Keiichiro Kawaguchibest known for direct the anime of Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU will be the one directing the anime of Classroom for Heroes at the Actas studio. ❗

But why do I emphasize the theme of “boku no hero academia“? Obviously there is a reason, so I’m going to say goodbye and leave you directly with the synopsis for “Classroom for Heroes” so you can see what I’m talking about, which I think makes everything quite clear.

Synopsis for Classroom for Heroes

Classroom for Heroes takes place at Rosewood Academy, a school dedicated to training future heroes who must protect humanity. The school only accepts those who show great potential. Arnest Flaming, a young woman with top grades at the academy, is assigned to guide a mysterious but cheerful new student named Blade, who surprisingly seems to have a power of potential similar to hers.

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