Composer Yuki Hayashi commented on his experience in the Boku no Hero Academia franchise – Kudasai

The platform Crunchyroll conducted an interview with the Japanese composer Yuki Hayashi after your participation in the event Anime NYC, where he offered a special concert. Hayashi has composed the soundtrack for projects such as Haikyuu !!, Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken, Boku no Hero Academia, among many others. The interview in question focused on the latter.

When asked how has been his creative process in the production of the soundtrack of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), Hayashi commented: “The interesting thing is that, as each season progresses, the characters also progress and grow. It’s like when you see a little boy in clothes, who won’t look good on him next season because he’s older. In that sense, there is still an element of that character that you recognize no matter how much he grows up. So the core, the thematic material of Todoroki, Midoriya or the theme of the institute will be the same, but since everything has been different in each season, there are different things inside. It is not necessarily about creating new content, but about building on the same themes. When seasons 4 and 5 came out, there was a strong focus on villains as opposed to heroes, so that might be the new thing because we’re introducing new sides to them. It’s interesting, because Boku no Hero Academia progresses every season.».

He also commented on which songs he has modified in each season: «“You Say Run”. Mainly because it’s Midoriya’s theme, and it’s what everyone wants to hear (laughs). I have arranged it in many different ways for each situation that arises. Now, I feel a bit of pressure to make it more epic next time, and deciding how to fix it later is something I’m struggling with.».

Yuki Hayashi He concluded by commenting on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his profession: «I don’t really understand people who complain about staying home and not being able to go out, because I stay home and work all the time (laughs). When everyone said that I couldn’t go anywhere, I said “I don’t understand, I’m not going anywhere.” I have not been able to do many concerts or recordings during these last two years, so there are some things that have not happened, but in general nothing that surrounds me has changed. I always try to think about how to compose music that motivates the people who listen to it. If I can convey a little bit of positivity to help you want to work the next day, help you study, or whatever, there is nothing in the world that can give me more joy than that.».

Source: Crunchyroll