Cosplayer from Czech Republic is the spitting image of Hawks from My Hero Academia | Spaghetti Code

The cosplays of My Hero Academia They do not always have to be sensual, sometimes the jobs simply obey the desire to “become” that character that you like so much from the anime created by Kohei Horikoshi. This time we want to show you the excellent Hawks cosplay that user Sanny made on her Instagram.

Sanny originally from Czech Republic is a professional cosplayer who The same makes cosplay sexy as almost exact representations of anime characters. Sanny’s skills were demonstrated with one of his last jobs where he played Keigo Takami “Hawks”, one of everyone’s favorite heroes in My Hero Academia.

Image: Instagram / @sanny_cosplay

Sanny donned his Hawks costume, made up for a more angular face, combed his blonde wig, donned his carefully tailored red wings, and posed to become the hero of Musutafu. The result speaks for itself: the quality is impeccable.

Image: Instagram / @sanny_cosplay

The cosplayer dedicated a lot of time to her makeup and that is where the “plus ultra” of this interpretation of Hawks lies. As we can see, the eyebrows are messy, the eyes have pupilents and their shadow reminds us of Keigo Takami’s penetrating but carefree gaze.

Do you want to be surprised? These are other anime cosplays of My Hero Academia by Sanny. Its versatility is undeniable.

If you liked his work, don’t forget to follow Sanny Cosplay on all his social networks. She is a growing artist, for example in her Instagram gathers about 19 thousand followers while in its Twitter gathers 600 fans. Also don’t forget that if you want to see more My Hero Academia cosplays or other anime, keep reading Spaghetti Code.


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