Cosplayer turns Bakugo into a whole My Hero Academia waifu

A sexy and amazing genderbend cosplay has given a complete turn to the image of Bakugo turning the character of My Hero Academia in a whole anime waifu.

The cosplay from anime comes from the artist Lenox Knight originally from Los Angeles who shows us a somewhat different version of Katsuki Bakugo’s hero costume that although the design changes almost completely, the essence remains the same.

That is to say, the “God of the great murderous explosion Dynamight” does not lose style, since some of the most relevant elements such as the design of the shirt that in this case becomes a bodysuit, the enormous grenade-shaped gauntlets and the grenades that he wears tied to his waist are present in this anime cosplay.

Photo: Instagram – @lenoxknightcosplay

As you can see, the outfit of this cosplayer It is excellent and is full of incredible details such as the metallic collar, as well as the boots and knee pads identical to those of the character. The same hair is quite cool because it gives this waifu version of Bakugo that distinctive touch, as well as the orange lenses; We only had to owe the characteristic mask of the hero costume of Katsuki.

Remember finally that My Hero Academia anime is set to premiere its sixth season in the fall of this year; however, before its big release, Kohei Horikoshi’s heroes animated series will present two ova to catch up on the lives of the characters after all the time that has passed since the fifth season.

What do you think of this cosplay? My Hero Academia What turns Bakugo into Waifu?


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