Could Toga be a hero? My Hero Academia could prepare more arcs of redemption

From Ochako’s words, it seems to us that soon My Hero Academia could surprise us.

Throughout My Hero Academia we have seen notable changes in relation to their characters. Therefore, it is not surprising that we discover more and more peculiarities, both the good and the bad, of our favorite protagonists. From All Might to Deku, all of the heroes have come to be exposed, and many of our villains have gone through several major reveals. In fact, some of these villains even switched sides after being exposed to the world. But now, the manga has made room for more redemption arcs with the latest happenings.

This time, it’s about Ochako, as the heroine has a heart-to-heart with Izuku. The two appear chatting at the UA institute just before everyone leaves. It is at this moment that the two discuss the League’s recent sins, and Ochako confesses to having some conflict with what Toga might deserve. in her status as a villain and even question the personality that seemed to keep her on the bad side.


After recalling her battle with this villain during the assault on Gigantomachia, Ochako explains that heI was quite surprised to see Toga sad during the fight.

“Look what they did to the city…Think of sparing her? No, we’re past that point already. I know, but still, she’s a person too,” Ochako said. The heroine goes on to say that she doesn’t know anything about Toga or her life story to think that the sentiment she expressed during the fight was obvious or correct. In fact, For her, villains are made rather than born, so Ochako wants to know if it is possible for Toga to be able to change or not..

We have already seen these types of reflections in the past in My Hero Academia. For example, Endeavor and Bakugo Katsuki have also gone through their own redemption arcs. And, recently, Izuku said he thinks Shigaraki is asking for help under All For One’s thumb, so we know the hero is going to give the villain a second chance. For now, Toga is in a kind of transition with other characters, like Dabi. The question that remains to be asked is whether redemption can bring true forgiveness or whether the members of the League will sacrifice themselves to change the fate of the war.

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