Dabi could survive in My Hero Academia thanks to a new quirk


Could it be that we see the rebirth of the phoenix?

Finally, My Hero Academia has reached its final arc, the war between heroes and villains continues in the midst of a tense environment that has pushed our characters to their limits. However, in recent chapters, we have seen how the fight between Dabi and his brother, Shoto Todoroki, has especially attracted the attention of his fans. Even more, when this fight could be the limit between life and death for one of them.

The theory of a part of his fans about the course of this fight is based on the first time that Dabi and his fragile condition were talked about. The villain, despite his savage power, has had a weak constitution since birth thanks to his mother. His body could never handle its blue flames, but after his ordeal on Sekoto Peak, the boy somehow survived even with the help of Dr. Ujiko.

The scientist was not sure how Dabi survived the terrible accident, and All For One believed that Dabi would die ten months after coming out of his coma due to his physical state. However, the boy lived for years despite the harsh treatment. At the end of his fight with Shoto, Dabi even comments that he can’t believe he’s aliveand that idea was echoed this week on My Hero Academia by other pro heroes who watched the battle.

According to the fandom, Dabi has survived this entire time due to a unique quirk that no one else knows about. The boy was in the care of All For One for years without knowing it, so they speculated that the man gave Dabi some kind of healing or restoration ability that allows him to stay alive. This brings us to All For One’s warning at the end of chapter 349, and would explain how Dabi even survived the fire all those years ago. After all, Dr. Ujiko wasn’t all that skilled with the nomu back then, and All For One may have enough restoration quirks to fix the problem.

Dabi’s interesting possible unknown quirk in My Hero Academia

In addition to the practical nature of this theory, My Hero Academia fans have long speculated about a phoenix quirk, given Dabi’s story. On the one hand, the mythical bird has powers of fire in the tradition, and bursts into ashes at the gates of death to be reborn again. Dabi’s cremation quirk makes him very familiar with ashes, and the villain has experienced a rebirth before now. After Toya died on Sekoto Peak, Dabi was born into the world. Now, fans are convinced that something is about to cause Dabi’s rumored Phoenix quirk to awaken and bring to life a new Todoroki born from Toya and Dabi’s past.

my hero academia dabi shoto todoroki

If there’s one thing the My Hero Academia fandom thrives on, it’s theory crafting. Over the years, the fandom has criticized several of Kohei Horikoshi’s plot twists, and Dabi has garnered a number of fan theories in his time. The final act of the manga only has twice that production line, and thanks to its latest chapter, it seems that fans are excited about Dabi and a theory that suggests his quirk has this hidden recovery power.

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