Dabi from My Hero Academia demonstrates his mighty Quirk in this amazing cosplay body paint | Spaghetti Code

My Hero Academia It is full of endearing characters that have earned a place in the hearts of fans of the franchise, whether they are professional heroes, young people who dream of becoming one and even the fearsome villainswho seek to end the society of heroes, but everyone’s favorite is Dabi.

As you know Dabi belongs to the League of Villains inside the story and one of the strongest among all of them, since it stands out for its Gift known as Cremationwhich expels blue fire to burn everything, he is also someone very intelligent and this cosplay style of body painting will prove it to you.

Through Instagram, the artist Julie Odsgaard shared an amazing version of this villain of My Hero Academia by giving it a feminine touch and combining part of the makeup with the outfit of this character.

As you can see below, she paid attention to every detail of Dabi, such as the scars that appear on much of his face and body, as well as the staples that bind your skin to them. Meanwhile, I respect her blue jacket.

But that’s not all, since the whole outfit is combined with an incredible blue makeup on her eyelids, which even shows part of the Don from Dabi with the blue firedemonstrating its uniqueness.

Without a doubt, with this version of Dabi you will want to join the League of Villains and it is that with that visual appeal it attracts attention, so even in that way he could recruit new villains and be part of this organization to end the society of heroes. . what did you think of this cosplay from dabi from My Hero Academia?


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