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Throughout the history of My Hero AcademiaDabi has been one of the most mysterious characters in the League of Villains. Although the identity of this antagonist was confirmed during the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc, there was still a mystery that had no explanation. Fortunately, The most recent chapter of the manga finally offers us the explanation that many have been waiting for.

In chapter 350 of the manga, it was revealed how Toya Todoroki survived the fire that consumed his life. As many had already speculated, it was All For One who managed to save Toya’s remains.. However, this process took a few years, and tissue reconstruction was not easy. Similarly, Dabi was born when this villain realized that his father and the rest of the Todoroki family had moved on without him.

Along with this, it was confirmed that All For One kidnapped several children who could work as substitutes if something happened to Shigaraki.something that had been hinted at with Number 6 in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. However, Dabi’s hatred was too much, and the villain was free for a moment, at least until his flame is extinguished, something that seems to happen sooner than expected.

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Editor’s note:

Little by little, the history of My Hero Academia is coming to an end, and Dabi’s story was surely one of the last revelations of its kind. Now we just have to wait and see if the battle between the Todoroki brothers manages to survive all the hype it has.

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Dabis origin is revealed in My Hero Academia

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