DC Comics Artist Gives My Hero Academia’s All Might a Makeover | Spaghetti Code

Everything seems to indicate that the series of My Hero Academia It is very popular, so much so that it has even arrived and has been popular among DC Comics cartoonists, who have shown some tributes to the work of Hokei Horikoshi, since being heroes, it is a world that both share.

It seems that some characters have reached the ears and eyes of comic artists, so one of them took the opportunity and gave the former number 1 and symbol of Peace, All Might, a makeover and went hand in hand with Dan Hipp.

If you don’t know who this artist is, Dan Hipp is the comic book artist who has worked on works like Teen Titans Go!, Justice League, Batman, Superman and even in the crossover of Justice League y Power Rangers, but here we leave you this beautiful illustration made by the American.

As you can see below, Hipp’s characteristic style is noticeable, when recreating the scene in which All Might consumes all the power of One For All to defeat the villain All For One with his United States of Smash attack, fight that fans witnessed during the third season. This fight marked the end of All Might’s era as a symbol of peace.

Additionally, this incredible art captures All Might’s brutal strike at his most powerful rival, in order to end All For One’s reign as the leader of the League of Villains. Although Hipp has not done any official work to My Hero Academia, his handiwork adds extra energy to this incredible battle that everyone will remember.


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