Deku arrives in the world of Sailor Moon thanks to this great My Hero Academia fanart

My Hero Academia merges the best of the series with sailor Moonshowing how Deku would look like turned into a Sailor Scout with this great fan art that will blow your mind. It is a peculiar rare crossover that we usually see in the series, but there is no doubt that the illustration has combined the best of the protagonists of both animes.

Deku switches universes to prepare himself by fighting on behalf of the Moon alongside the other Scouts. For this reason, it adopts a new style that reminds us a lot of Usagi Tsukino’s design. in his transformation, although keeping that characteristic green of Izuku that he does not even remove from his hair. In addition, the fury of One For All is also observed in thunder around the successor of All Might.

When he is not turned into a Hunter of Kimetsu no YaibaDeku also enjoys seeing himself transformed into a powerful lunar warrior from sailor Moon with these great images that you can check below:

Image: WonderlandOnAcid/Reddit

deku came to sailor Moon with this great fanart of the illustrator WonderlandOnAcid, illustrator who shared her peculiar fusion on Reddit so we don’t miss it and don’t forget to take a look at his profile.

My Hero Academia It has us waiting for its sixth season with the good news that it will premiere this year, bringing back the students of the UA Academy with their strict hero training. However, it is not the only novelty that the series has prepared, since it has already revealed the release date of his second OVAalso confirming that it will be available on some streaming services.


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