Deku could be the true villain of My Hero Academia


There may have been clues in the first chapters that we didn’t see…

At the moment, the manga of My Hero Academia is in its final part now that the second war between heroes and villains has begun. However, there is still a long way to go before we see the big final fight on the screen, so his fans have raised some ideas that come from the interpretation of the first chapters: Deku would actually be the true villain of this saga.

Now, we already know that there is the Dark Deku arc in which our main hero decided to take a more questionable position, far from the law, far from the UA academy and even from All Might, his personal teacher. But, this theory does not come from these relatively recent arcs, but from the beginning of the sagawhen Deku had not yet received the One For All from All Might.

In My Hero Academia #1, it is revealed that in addition to taking notes in class, Deku has also been taking notes to remember his observations and analysis of his classmates, his teachers, and other professional heroes he has encountered, this trait It is maintained throughout the entire franchise. These notes are compiled in what Deku has titled his Analysis of the hero for the future.

As of Chapter 1, Deku has already completed 13 volumes of observation and analysis, and there is no indication over the course of the manga that he has ever stopped keeping a diary. That means Deku has likely met the fullest understanding of abilities and weaknesses of current and future professional heroes. In fact, the magazines should surpass Hawks’ villain reporting as the unrivaled source of franchise intel, but this is where the fan theory begins.

With the unadulterated knowledge of every hero and villain that Deku has been able to gather in his journals, he’ll likely be able to reveal the information on every single weakness and vulnerability of every member of Class 1-A, as well as teachers and heroes. professionals who normally interact with the class, such as All Might, Eraserhead and Wild Wild Pussycats, not taking into account the different interactions he has had off-screen. Although it is very likely that Deku took these notes to improve himself as a fighter, as well as to facilitate the improvement of his classmates, naturally they could be used by an evil, crazy or co-opted Deku, to find ways to defeat their peers. classmates and colleagues with minimal effort. Deku’s observations are even shown to contrast the powers of different heroes against each other, moving from mere information gathering to tactical thinking. It’s the kind of intelligence All For One would love to have access to.

Deku as the true villain of My Hero Academia

While My Hero Academia’s central hero, Deku, is portrayed as a worshiper of his world’s heroes, that very obsession gives him the potential to become their greatest threat, capable of defeating even professional heroes like All Might. Or at least that’s what a part of the fandom thinks.

deku my hero academia villain

Assuming Deku is as observant and relentless as he is shown fighting, helping others, and wanting to be the best, there is no limit to what your diaries could contain. For example, based on the events of My Hero Academia #337, Deku is probably one of the only people to have seen Invisible Girl’s face, meaning she couldn’t escape it by hiding in plain sight. Likewise, Deku has certainly kept copious notes on his childhood rival, Katsuki Bakugo, who has confessed to psychological weaknesses that few know about.

Naturally, Deku thus far hasn’t exhibited the personality that would make fans suspect he’d turn on his classmates, but All For One has shown great interest in influencing him. With unparalleled insider knowledge of the current and next generation of heroes, Deku’s notes make him a ticking time bomb that, should he ever turn against his My Hero Academia allies, would make him his greatest threat. .

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