Deku from My Hero Academia is coming to Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 1


By: samuel moreno | 04-12-22

A new chapter is available within Fortnitethe Battle Royale of Epic Games. After a final event that has received mixed reviews, once again the developers are preparing to explore a completely different scenario, and collaborations with other franchises could not be missing.

Thus, among the confirmed characters for Chapter 4 we have Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, Doom Slayer from the iconic FPS DOOM saga, Hulk from Marvel and even his own mr beast. However, Epic Games had saved as a surprise for the launch trailer the future inclusion of Dekuprotagonist of My Hero Academia, who appears in the preview performing one of his most characteristic powers.

Izuku Midoriya will follow in the footsteps of other anime characters such as Son Goku and Naruto, who appeared on the island of Fortnite several months ago. It is noticeable that collaborations with anime have worked very well for Epic Games and the public has responded positively; so this crossover with My Hero Academia promises a lot.

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The Fortnite fans They seem to be willing to welcome this new chapter with open arms, despite the criticism they made against the end of last season. Again the collaborations are the main attraction with each new season of the Battle Royale. Doom Slayer was one of the most talked about characters throughout this year, and Epic Games is closing 2022 with a bang.

There are playable news for Chapter 4 of Fortnite such as including a new mechanics that allows you to avoid obstacles when running towards them. Also, there are new weapons like the Excaliber riflethe Mastery Shotgun and ones flying drones that allow you to mark enemies.

Likewise, a motorcycle called Trail Thrasher that will help you move at high speed around the map, a snowball with which you can roll and crush enemies and a shock hammer to rise into the air, surprising the opponent when you fall.