Deku from My Hero Academia was much more pathetic in his original idea

Izuku has changed a lot since the beginning of the franchise!

In the hit manga and anime series called My Hero Academia, the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, known as Deku, started out as an admittedly pathetic character, and in the series’ precursor story, his prototype makes his My Hero Academia counterpart. seems the opposite: quite admirable. Being a superhero merchandise salesman not only makes Jack Midoriya seem a bit weaker than he is, but the fact that he is always physically down doesn’t help to give an image of power either.

My Hero, a great background for My Hero Academia

As the franchise showed us in Kohei Horikoshi’s 2008 one-shot simply titled My Hero, this story tells of the modest beginning of what would ultimately become the current My Hero Academia manga.. And although most of the characters, the ideas, the style that was used for the construction of the world, the narrative in general, etc., may be familiar to the fan community when reading this “chapter zero”, it is Deku who is shown more changed from one narration to another.

The plot, which begins with an attack by a being known as “aberration”, shows Jack Midoriya as he stumbles upon a very particular scene and ends up in the middle of the fight, much to everyone’s confusion. As clumsy and absent-minded as Izuku Midoriya appears at first, this version of the character is much like the “real” Deku yet different, giving fans an intriguing avenue to compare the two.

Described as a “weak and puny salaryman”, Jack isn’t exactly portrayed as a rogue hero like his later portrayal, rather, he’s someone who sells unique and useful items to the heroes of the world in hopes of helping them out. his fight against the aberrant malefics. Stunted, pessimistic, shy and a little scared, Jack Midoriya continues to fight to one day become a hero like his counterpart Izuku, but in a very different way..

Meanwhile, throughout this one-shot as a slightly older and more “corporate” version of the character, Jack is often seen as lesser by the people around him, a big problem with which Midoriya from My Hero Academia can relate to the bottom of his heart. And, like that version of the character, the relatively illegal way in which Jack becomes a hero in this story shows that, although he is much more pitiful in general, he still has the same desire to do good in a world that needs much. of your good intentions.

Thus, although Izuku Midoriya has gotten over his pitiful nature in the actual My Hero Academia series, his initial characterization as Jack Midoriya was far worse. My Hero Academia has changed a lot since Kohei Horikoshi’s first attempt at bringing the hero’s story to life, and for Deku, in particular, things have gotten a lot better.

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