Did they forgive the traitor of My Hero Academia? This decided All Might

It seems that the good All Might already learned from Naruto

The heroic spirit is something that is not lost on any of the UA students, including their most notorious traitor. In fact, in My Hero Academia chapter 340, it was shown in the verdict that both All Might and the group of heroes decided regarding him. After Toru Hagakure, better known as Invisible Girl, discovered the identity Class 1-A’s traitor, Aoyama Yuga, his teammates supported and defended him against the world’s strongest heroes. However, this event did not prevent this villain from being prosecuted by All Might and the group of heroes. But what was the final verdict they gave him? Will they forgive him even if it means he could betray them again, or is there a bigger plan at hand?

At the beginning of My Hero Academia chapter 340, we learn that All Might has been planning with the rest of the heroes to carry out a definitive plan with which they plan to stop All For One and bring the League of Villains to justice. According to the Symbol of Peace, the best option to obtain victory against your opponents is to separate each of the heads and corner them, from Tomura Shigaraki and Dabi to All For One, so they can have a chance to win the war and stop the global threat.

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To carry out his plan, a character will be key: Aoyama Yuga. Despite the risks this would bring, the Symbol of Peace himself continues to trust both him and Shota Aizawa, his guardian. But then the traitor from class 1-A has finally been forgiven and his crimes will be forgotten? Not necessarily. In fact, it is Aizawa who explains the situation in detail.

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My Hero Academia 340: Aoyama Yuga will once again be a hero alongside Shinsho

In My Hero Academia 340, we see that before deciding what to do with the UA traitor, Aoyama Yuga was tested several times to discover whether or not he possessed any explosive device or destruction device with which All For One could control his decisions. . Finally, they found that the only means of control that the villain exerted on this traitor was FEAR. For this reason, both All Might and Shota Aizawa still trust him and decide not to expel him. But, not everything will be as easy as Aoyama Yuga himself would like.

During his talk with his tutor in My Hero Academia 340, Aoyama Yuga was terrified of the punishment he will get after his secret was discovered. In fact, at first, Aizawa used the terror his student felt to make him repent at that moment, but he warns him that his sins will not disappear and he could be permanently expelled from the UA. But, this was not giving the expected results.

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Fortunately, he changes his strategy and remembers that before his duty as a hero, he is the tutor of Aoyama Yuga and the one responsible for his education, so he approaches him more vehemently: “I am not going to allow you to give up and I will kill you.” let yourself be tormented by your sins, slowly waiting for your death to come”. In this way, in My Hero Academia 340, this hero receives forgiveness and understanding from his teacher.. Shota Aizawa puts it this way: “As long as I am the tutor of the hero department and you are a student, I still have no intention of expelling you.”

Before finishing the chapter of My Hero Academia 340, we see how Professor Aizawa also asks Aoyama to accept the help of class 1-A: “If you’re with them, everything will be fine.” But, beyond the fear that this represents, accepting his mistakes and continuing with his life, this hero knows that it will not be easy to move on. This teacher realizes this and decides that he will not go alone on this mission against All For One. On the final page of this manga, we see the return of Shinso, his protégé and one of his most powerful students.

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