Dragon Ball, Bleach and My Hero Academia receive official League of Legends-style Chinese moba | EarthGamer

In China several users are having access to a new mobile game with different anime characters, called Codename Jump. Goku, Frieza, Nezuko and Sasuke are just some of the heroes of this title with gameplay in the style League of Legends. Which is officially launched in summer.

Through social networks they are sharing from images to entire fragments of its gameplay. It is a MOBA very similar to League of Legends, but its playable characters are different anime stars. The abilities of each are a carbon copy of what they can do in their respective productions.

For now, only some Chinese players have early access to this game. Its official launch is planned for the summer of 2023, but so far it has only been planned to launch in China. Although perhaps if it becomes very popular they could give it a chance in the international market.

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With the months we will see if Codename Jump manages to rival the popularity of League of Legends. The comments about this anime MOBA are very positive and many still haven’t had a chance to play it. Would you download it if it gets released here?

What are the chances of this anime League of Legends coming to this side of the world?

Although many want to play this title on their cell phones, we may have a very difficult time. Since China’s copyright laws are very different, which complicates international marketing. Although that does not mean that there will be no way to play it.

The gameplay of the anime League of Legends
Source: YumpY

Surely when it comes out officially there will be opportunities to use VPNs or other tools. In fact, some Twitter users mention that they will do everything possible to get their APK when it comes out and they will share it. What did you think of this? League of Legends of anime?

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