Endeavor confirms it: Deku is now the most powerful hero in My Hero Academia


It seems that there will be a new symbol of Peace…

In chapter 356 from My Hero Academia, Endeavor is accosted by a younger version of himself in a shocking way that reveals his true feelings and confirms that Deku has somehow already surpassed All Might’s power, making him the hero strongest in the entire universe created by Kohei Horikoshi.

Although, this is not actually said by the burning hero, it is Endeavor’s inner consciousness that makes a surprising confession about Deku. After Endeavor suffers an injury that temporarily sidelines him from the ongoing battle against All For One, the number one hero experiences a moment of self-doubt when he is accosted by a younger version of himself who taunts and capitalizes on all his many insecurities and vulnerabilities. In one of his younger self’s many attempts to break Endeavor’s spirit, the number one hero tries to get up as the younger Endeavor says, “That’s right. You’ll never be like All Might or Deku.”

Endeavor’s consciousness declares that Deku has attained All Might’s power in subtle ways.

This comment clearly stems from Endeavor’s real insecurities about himself, his power, and his reasons for fighting the League of Villains, but it serves to let us know where he really is. His fans have known from the beginning that All Might and everything about One For All has always bothered him.. Endeavor has been so obsessed with the idea of ​​surpassing his rival that he not only broke up his family, but adopted such ethically questionable tactics that it led to one of his sons being burned alive and eventually becoming the My Hero Academia villain Dabi. .

The fact that Endeavor’s doubting conscience tries to bring him down by saying that he will never be like All Might or Deku shows that this hero really believes that Deku has already surpassed All Might (or, at least, reached its same level of power). Why else would Deku’s name be used to torment him if the boy wasn’t something that made Endeavor feel weak or bad about himself? Also, both names are presented equally. It doesn’t say “You will never be like All Might, or even Deku”. It’s “All Might or Deku”. On its own, the implication that Endeavor is actually jealous of Deku is big enough to surprise fans, so it’s clear that Deku’s inclusion in Endeavor’s moment of doubt plays a big role in its overall sense. self-esteem or lack of it.

Deku has reached or surpassed the power of All Might in My Hero Academia

Of course, many My Hero Academia fans already believe that Deku surpassed All Might a long time ago, as he can now handle the numerous original quirks from One For All’s predecessors when All Might couldn’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s really what happened, but these words from Endeavor as the number one hero make this theory more true than ever.

Current number one hero Endeavor has just confirmed that he believes Deku has already triumphed over All Might without directly saying so in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Best of all, Endeavor does it by implying that he’s actually jealous of Deku and All Might.

my hero academia 356

At My Hero Academia 356, Endeavor landed a final blow against All For One.

The interesting thing about the statement is that Deku is still a child (or teenager, depending on how you want to see it), so even having achieved the power of the Symbol of Peace gives a lot to think about. If he is the strongest hero in the world at this age, he could become a legend.. Whether or not this is true, the only thing we can say is that this single thought has pushed Endeavor to push her power to the limit.

In the last pages of My Hero Academia chapter 356, we see how Endeavor is willing to face All For One with a final attack, proving why he is Japan’s number 1 hero. Although there is still doubt in the air as to whether his hit was successful or not, what we cannot deny is that this hero is willing to sacrifice his life to defeat this powerful villain.

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