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Enroll in the My Hero Academia academy with AByStyle

My Hero Academia is one of the manga phenomena of recent years. Since the manga started in the pages of the Weekly Shônen Jump Back in 2014, he was already seeing signs of success. This was confirmed in 2016 with the broadcast of the anime series, whose spectacularity and action ended up captivating the public. The phenomenon did not take long to reach Spain, being able to enjoy the manga and other extra stories edited by Comic Planet, as well as anime, whose series and films are edited by Select Vision. Even, like any successful work worth its salt, videogames have come to us, such as My Hero Academia: One’s Justice. There are indications that the story in the manga is coming to an end, but while this comes, we can continue to enjoy the work of Kōhei Horikoshi in all its aspects, even in its merchandising, since ABYstyle offers several official products very interesting.

First of all we highlight the figures of the brand ABYstyle Studio, especially that of All Might, a PVC figure with 22 cm. tall and painted metal effect which has a cost of 29,99€. The other figure that we would like to recommend today is that of Tsuyu Asui with his combat suit, also made of PVC, a height of 16.5 cm., extras such as two interchangeable languages ​​and a base for display with the UA logo by 29,99€. There are other figures of My Hero Academia in the collection ABYstyle Studio and soon a version of Izoku One For All.

Other official products of ABYstyle Remarkably they are useful as cups and glasses. We speak first of the thermo-reactive mug All Might, in which when he warms up, other characters appear behind him, such as Trust Katsuki, Tenya, Shoto, Tsuyu O Momo. The mug is large (460 ml) and is priced at 13,90€. Second, we want to highlight the XXL vase, a large crystal glass (40cl) with illustrations Izuku and Bakugo ready to attack, for € 9.90 each.

We finish the review by highlighting other official textile products, such as T-shirt Bakugo in various sizes (from XS to XXL), in green tones with piping and fitted by 24,90€. The other textile product that we highlight is the Cap More Ultra in polyester, in black and blue colors and one size for 15,20€.

All these products can be found not only on the website of abystyle.com, but also in specialized stores and large supermarkets.

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