Filtered images of the manga My Hero Academia chapter 331

The anime from My Hero Academia, which recently concluded its fifth season, has become a favorite among fans of Japanese animation. Over the past few seasons, he has presented fans with a collection of fascinating new superpowers.

Fans were particularly concerned about the manga chapter 331, after it became known that several raw scans of the next issue were released online. The details contained in those pages have taken over social networks, to the delight and anguish of the many mangaka fans. Kohei Horikoshi.

Previously, The Truth News reported all about My Hero Academia chapter 331, release date, time, and spoilers. Next, we remind you of the above and share the first leaked images of chapter 331.

When does My Hero Academia chapter 331 come out?

Spoilers from My Hero Academy manga chapter 331

Chapter 331 of the manga will be released on Sunday, October 31. The story stays solidly ahead of the anime, and sees the heroes taking on a host of challenging villains.

Readers around the world will have access to the new chapter at slightly different times, and readers in Japan will have access at midnight on October 31, Japanese Standard Time.

The leaked pages reveal quite a few spoilers for the next chapter, so consider it an official spoiler warning. You can check out some of the screenshots shared on social media below and look forward to the release of chapter 331 of My Hero Academia in MANGA Plus.

Screenshots of My Hero Academia Chapter 331

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Scans

Boku no Hero Academia 331 Leaks

Several of the raw scans shared on social media by fans show interactions between characters. Many of them contain only mild spoilers, but some folks have taken it upon themselves to share full recaps of the events in the next chapter.

Even the YouTubers They have added to the spoilers, and some have created full videos about the recent leak. The details that were revealed in the leak were compiled and compiled by the people of Anime Troop for readers to peruse and enjoy.

Spoilers that were shared, in bullet form, include conversations between Star and Shigaraki and details on how the chapter will end. Read on for the full bulleted list. According the anime troop team, the following plot points will appear in Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 331:

  • The chapter will begin with the impact of the explosion that threw Star.
  • Soon after, Star realizes that Shigaraki’s hair experienced a sudden spike in growth.
  • Shigaraki reveals his new understanding of how New Order works.
  • He informs Star that there are limits to her super strength.
  • He points out that its power is limited when used on living things due to its need to use names.
  • This limitation is revealed as the reason why Shigaraki did not die last time.
  • One of the jet pilots asks what will happen next, pointing out that both New Order and the lasers are no longer working.
  • Star responds that a message should be sent to Commander Aghbar.
  • The pilot expresses concern about this route, but Star tells him that Shigaraki has become a threat to the entire world.
  • Star then creates a New Order, proclaiming that “the atmosphere will solidify into a shape that is 100 times my size!”
  • Soon after, a massive aura begins to form alongside Star.
  • Star then uses her ‘Fist Bump to the Earth’ attack, which hits Shigaraki.
  • Unfortunately, Star knows well that this attack will not be enough to completely defeat him, due to Shigaraki’s ability to heal himself.
  • Her limitation bites her again as she does not know her real name and therefore cannot use New Order effectively.
  • Instead, Star determines a new plan. She orders the pilots to point their lasers at her and initiates a different New Order, stating that “lasers will solidify into a single beam.”
  • The resulting laser technique is called “Unified Laser with Maximum Output: Keraunos”.
  • The pilots assume the fight is over, but Star claims that Shigaraki is still alive.
  • She points out that Endeavor could have defeated Shigaraki in the war if the laser attack was enough to bring him down.
  • Soon after, a call comes in from Commander Aghbar, accusing Star of being reckless.
  • He tells her that “even All Might couldn’t arrest this villain, it’s your time to beat him Kathy.”
  • On the final page, several missiles are shown heading towards the location of Star and Shigaraki’s fight, as Star asks about the next steps.

Where to see My Hero Academia in Spanish?

You can watch the My Hero Academia anime at Crunchyroll. The streaming platform has the 5-season series available in Japanese and with Spanish subtitles. In the same way, here we leave you information about how to watch My Hero Academia anime, movies and OVAs in order.

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