Fortnite confirms skins of Mr.Beast, Antetokounmpo and My Hero Academia

Having already spent a few days since the beginning of Chapter 4 of FortniteEpic Games continues to reveal its plans for the future in terms of skins, especially to solve the mystery of those present in the videos end of Chapter 3 and presentation of Chapter 4.

We talked about nothing less than Mr. Beast, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Izuku Midoriya of my hero academy. In addition to a hulk still missing but very soon it will arrive in the store too. All of them far from a battle pass where they were fervently awaited.

Finally, we will have to squeeze the paVos card if we want to get hold of some of them, after confirming Fortnite officially that all of them will arrive throughout this month of December 2022. Thus reassuring the masses who were already aiming at the beginning of next year.

The collection of skins expands in Fortnite quickly, that in a couple of months he will also receive the skin of Geralt of Rivia for Battle Pass owners. A wait that will be resolved in the form of missions as we unlock other of its rewards such as the steel sword or its Igni symbol.

Time will tell on which dates they will finally arrive, since the logical thing to do would be to occupy the entire month with arrivals little by little, in addition to their prices in paVos and the collections of rewards that could accompany them in the form of new hang glider, pickaxes or backpacks.

Epic Games continues fully with its collaborations, which seem to never end. Something that feeds and much the universe of Fortniteboth at a business level and with a view to the user’s own gaming experience of being able to launch onto the island with their favorite characters and idols.