Fortnite disables this powerful item from My Hero Academia

In order to maintain balance in the game, this decision has been made.

My Hero Academia anime comes to Fortnite

At this point in life, no one should be surprised that Fortnite tends to do collaborations and crossovers with all kinds of franchises, so we have been able to see how the most famous and well-known Battle Royale today has even come to unite DC and Marvel charactersincluding the recent arrival of hulkas well as with animes, the most relevant case in recent months being that of Dragon Ball and the announcement of their collaboration.

Now, it should be noted that with the start of the new Fortnite Chapter, we have been able to see My Hero Academia has also joined, giving rise to the fact that we have had a fairly powerful start to the season in the Epic Games title. However, it seems that the fact of putting so many elements at the same time has taken its toll on the members of the development team, so it has been revealed that an element had to be deactivated.

Fortnite runs out of the Deku Smash due to its high power according to some players

Under this same premise, Fortnite’s own account on Twitter has reported that the Deku Smash has been disabled, thereby giving rise to the fact that a reason has not been given by the study beyond that there has been a problem with it. However, Fortnite players are quite clear, since after this news, there was a lot of debate, but they all came to the conclusion that the Deku Smash had too much power.

This is something that can be seen in some videos, in which they show us that carrying it is synonymous with ending anyone, since it deals enormous damage, even breaking the game. Despite this, who thinks that the Deku Smash has been removed due to photosensitivity issues due to its flashing lights, this being a very common complaint on the Reddit forums.

For all this, it remains to be seen what the real cause is, although the truth is that the question we should ask ourselves is if it will be available again or not. For the rest, it only remains to mention that Fortnite is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, smartphones, Nintendo Switch and PC.