Fortnite reveals the date of the skins of My Hero Academia

Chapter 4 – Season 1 Fortnite It advances at a forced march, and the team intends to quickly get rid of all the surprises that it had in store for us, completing a month of December full of new skins.

Having already released the Hulk skin, the skins of My Hero Academia They were also highly anticipated. A rumor from japan He wanted to advance the release date, and indeed they ended up getting it right after the official confirmation by Epic Games.

We are already waiting for their launches, since there will be several a priori, and with this the countdown will begin for the skins of Mr. Beast or Giannis Antetokounmpowith which this 2022 will close in terms of collaborative aspects in Fortnite.

It will finally be this next friday december 16 when My Hero Academia landed on the island of Fortnite. Of course, it is best to take this date as a guide, because given the peculiar update schedule of the store, it is possible that we will have to wait until Saturday, December 17.

A change that occurs daily at 01:00. CET (Spanish peninsular time), so when they offer a day marked by US time, it is very easy for everything to move to the day after the expected one. Of course, it could well be that we actually have them on that Friday morning.

After My Hero Academiawe have to wait with a lot of hype to find out if the forecasts are fulfilled throughout this Chapter 4, and finally we can also see the One Piece skinsafter during Chapter 2 the ones from Narutothose of dragonball in Chapter 3 and My Hero Academia in this Chapter 4 of Fortnite who has only just begun and who has a lot of life left.