Fortnite: the controversy with Deku’s Smash vs. Goku’s Kamehameha

just a few days ago Fortnite he threw himself squarely into his new event of My Hero Academia (boku no hero)and the island has never been the same since, tightly controlled by those who have mastered the art of Deku’s Smash.

A Plus Ultra attack that we can find in different parts of the island, because just like during the event of dragonballit appears in the All Might supply drops that arrive on the island with a thunderous sound, as well as in the special vending machines.

A devastating attack that is capable of destroying all kinds of structures and annihilating enemies, which increases the madness in some confrontations. However, the controversy has not been slow to jump among those who compare the power of the Deku’s Smash with Goku’s Kamehameha. Well the lovers of dragonball they see the exaggerated power of this Plus Ultra attack unfair.

Comparison of Deku’s Smash and Goku’s Kamehameha in Fortnite
  • Damage: 90 damage to the Kamehaha by impact, being already lethal in itself. Far away from the 300 Smash Damage, being able to kill several players simultaneously. Even when hidden by cover and terrain, nothing protects you from 100 damage per hit across the entire area of ​​the Smash.
  • range and area: In terms of distance, both attacks are quite similar. However, while the Kamehameha needed to be precise to be devastating, the Smash is an explosive that covers a huge area and that destroys everything.
  • Mobility: Very low during the Kamehameha, barely able to direct it slightly after being thrown. The Smash has quite a lot of freedom while it is launched, being able to drastically change the aim if the opponent moves away from our initial area.

For all this and more, many see an exaggerated power in this Plus Ultra by Midoriya from boku no hero compared to the Kamehameha of dragonball we had last season. Despite the fact that, for example, there were other elements such as the Kinton Cloud that helped us to have more height before launching the Kamehameha. And although we now have shock hammers and other mobility items to escape from the Smash, it is quite complex to escape from it.