Fortnite: this character from My Hero Academy will land in the game?

An iconic character from My Hero Academia should soon have his skin on the Battle Royal Fortnite

A new character from My Hero Academia will join the Fortnite game adventure. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Fortnite and My Hero Academia, when is it?

If there is a video game that has a huge community of players, it’s Fortnite! Moreover, the game makes its fans so dependent that some parents do not hesitate to file a complaint against Epic Games !

Still, Fortnite is renowned for satisfying its players throughout the year with one-off events for its seasons. For example, it is rumored that the game will soon collaborate with a horror franchise. Suspense!

In any case, since the launch of this new fortnite season, the fans rejoice. And it’s not over ! In effect, Epic Games must also collaborate with a famous shonen. Yes, it is good My Hero Academia ! The class!

And the teaser of the next content is already making a lot of noise. I have to say that Japanese sites don’t spoil myI ! Indeed, the Japanese magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump recently revealed that My Hero Academia will arrive in Fortnite’s Battle Royale. this Friday, December 16 !

But even if the players do not know exactly how this collaboration will unfold, the fact remains that some character names are already known.

In effect, there will be for example Goku and Naruto. But they’re not the only ones joining Fortnite!

Indeed, the name of an emblematic character should also have its skin in the adventure. MCE TV tells you more!

An iconic character is coming soon

Fortnite has a knack for delighting its players. Free outfits, live shows with celebrities or even free skins like the one from Jun Hwan, all the ingredients come together for a amazing gaming experience.

But Epic Games is not resting on its laurels. Indeed, if Fortnite is one of the best games in the worldwe must remain so and continue to convince the million simultaneous playerss.

So a collaboration with a cult shonen represents a godsend for battle royale fans. And if some character names have already leaked, there is one that makes people talk.

In fact, in Japan, several advertisements refer to the lines of a famous character, All Might’s ! Suffice to say that the chances of finding it in the Fortnite game are enormous!

As a reminder, All Might is an important character in manga universe. So players can only be delighted to see it land in Fortnite.

But this is not a certainty. In effect, Epic Games has yet to reveal the names of the characters. who will end up in the game. Apart from Deku’s.

With a little luck, it is not impossible to also find other emblematic candidates in Fortnite! Yes, most of the time, collaborations with anime have resulted in packs of 4 characters.

And very often it is 3 boys and a girl. So there is a good chance of finding strong characters like Katsuki Bakugo, Dynamight or Ochako. Still a little patience !