Froppy cosplay makes us wish the My Hero Academia timeskip theory – Senpai

For a long time the fans of My Hero Academia they handle the theory that this series will have a timeskip important along with a more mature version of the protagonists, and in the case of Froppy, the following cosplay made by Shikarakumi (Instagram) gives us an idea of ​​what the little frog would look like for years to come.

Throughout 5 seasons we have seen our 1-A students (and protagonists) go through different moments in their training as heroes, but the biggest challenges are yet to come, especially due to the premises that handle both the mushroom season of the anime and the last episodes of the manga.

That being the case, we would definitely like to see a much more mature look from the characters we met in their hero academy days. Shikarakumi makes part of that wish come true by showing us a fancy version of Froppy, probably a few years after taking the heroes course at UA

Smiling frog | Photo: Shikarakumi (Instagram)

Shikarakumi is shown wearing the typical Froppy outfit consisting of a green one-piece ensemble that covers most of her body, but the air of maturity that exudes with his expression gives him a different approach a Froppy, “The heroine of the rainy season”.

Froppy has a very particular hairstyle since he can tie his hair to form a giant bun that he wears behind his back. Also, in the absence of the headgear Shikarakumi had a rather creative way of “editing” the hero’s apprentice’s special hat.

| Photo: Shikarakumi (Instagram)

What did you think of this Froppy story in the possible timeskip of My Hero Academia?


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