Funko Announces the Launch of New My Hero Academia Pop Figures | Spaghetti Code

Anime series My Hero Academia continues to grow in popularity, so Funko decided to launch a new series of figures, which are inspired by characters that appeared during the fourth season from serie and includes a 10-inch Infinity Deku with Eri.

According to this new wave of figures, also We can find a standard version of Infinite Deku with Eri, an independent Eri, Tamaki Amajiki with his hero suit, Ryukyu also with his hero suit, Mirio Togata, Sir NightEye and Eijiro Unbreakable.

Also, we will find villains that came out this season as Overhaul in one of his last transformationss before being defeated by Deku, as well as Himiko Toga and one of our favorite heroes could not be missing, Shota Aizawa inside her sleeping bag.

It should be noted that a couple of versions of Deku, glow in the dark. Figures are available now through Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic, GameStop, Chalice Collectibles, BoxLunch, and the Funko Shop.

The launch of these Funko pop occurs in the middle of the manga of My Hero Academia will take a sudden hiatus next week in the magazine Shonen Jump, which will arrive on Sunday, September 12, so the figures could be good news to appease the fans and that the wait for the next chapter is not so long.

Currently My Hero Academia is broadcasting its fifth season, which now tells the story of the villains and how they came to form the League of Villains.

Izuku Midoriya has always dreamed of being a hero, but he belongs to that part of the population that was born without any gift, until he meets his highest figure to follow and offers to be the heir to his abilities, so agrees at the same time that he manages to enter the UA, where he makes friends and learns to control his new powers.


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