GTA VI: The most anticipated game in the world

GTA VI is expected in a few years and recently after the leaks regarding the game! It would apparently be a release for 2024 or 2025 at the latest. It will surely not be in very long time, we had news of the game recently concerning part of its development.

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Even though some have already seen a preview of the game during the alleged leak due to a hack suffered by Rockstar Game where information was leaked on the net.

The studio has currently made improvements in their way of working which would surely make development longer but can be more efficient. Since they seek neither more nor less than perfection.

The expectation of hardcore fans of the game

But since the game has been in development for 10 years. There may also be big improvements to the game! The GTA fanbase, having remained unchanged for years, is expecting a lot of things… great stories and above all new features in the game, which we haven’t seen in previous GTAs.

An old map revisited, improved and above all enlarged

The story is currently taking place in Vice City. Miami’s replica in real life. The map will currently be larger and we will be entitled to several explorable buildings unlike the old GTA games where we could not enter many of them! Which will surely appeal to fans who love exploration. To move on the huge map, it will sometimes be necessary to use taxis like taxi transport on Pontault Combault.

There will surely also be a lot of easter eggs there according to fan speculation.

In addition, the map of the new GTA VI game will apparently be scalable, there will be missions and cities that will be added as the game progresses.

A controversy around the playable characters?

We will currently be entitled to two playable characters in the game. And one of the characters will apparently be a woman, which would be a rather unexpected novelty given the world in which GTA evolves! This is already creating controversy in the world of video games and among fans.

Surfing, a new feature in GTA VI?

It’s been talked about a lot recently, but in GTA VI, there will apparently be Surfing. It has recently been known that Rockstar Games has recruited developers who will only take care of the water texture in GTA VI. In order to make the movements of the water more realistic and of course in order to add surfing in the game.

How will it look, will fans love it?

How will Rockstar Games’ planned new game look like? It will surely be very fun! But we still wonder if the gameplay has been improved, if the mission scenarios are well written. Unfortunately we will have an answer to this only when the game is released. But as we all know, GTA rarely disappoints its fans.

Information leaks around the game

Because of information leaks that often happen for GTA 6, as with every previous version of the game, every reveal is important to fans. Often these kinds of leaks come from within to get attention before important events. But sometimes it can also come from the outside coming from certain official entities related to the game.

Release date finally scheduled for 2024

Take-two Interactive rightly hinted that GTA VI might be coming out in 2024 ! While the release expected by fans was in 2025 by revealing that they will have an increase in their income in 2025.

In any case, Rockstar Game is not likely to disappoint fans because with each new version of the game! They have to release a better game than previous versions.

Grand Theft Auto © Rockstar Game, Take-Two Interactive

Source : Huffington Post