Has My Hero Academia stopped being as popular as it was?

We all knew that the fall anime season was going to be a spectacular one, in which being an industry reference would not be enough to stay ahead. This is something he’s ultimately noticing about everything.”My Hero Academia“, because even though season 6 of the anime is having a much better pace than season 5, it seems that last season’s bump could have affected his popularity much more than thought.

The anime of My Hero Academia seems to have lost claw compared to others

Basically, when I question the current popularity of “My Hero Academia” anime, I do especially for the following images:

And for those who have doubts, that there will be for more than one I am sure, I comment the following:

  • The following anime ratings belong to two different portals: anitrendz Y animecorner. ✔️
  • The first platform is surely the largest in the world in terms of weekly monitoring of anime. That’s what these rankings are about, to see which animes have received the most votes from the public in context week by week. ✔️
  • As you can see, in AnimeTrendz the anime of My Hero Academia has completely dropped from the classification. It is not even in the top 10! ❗
  • As to AnimeCorner, yes it is possible to see him tied with Blue Lock for a fifth place, something at least more honorable at the level of results. ✔️
  • However, I want to emphasize that while AniTrendz has 950 thousand followers on Twitter, AnimeCorner only exceeds 60 thousand. By this I mean that the data from the first seems more representative of the audience than not from the second, despite the fact that the first website is more akin to slice-of-life and the second to action shonen (where My Hero Academia). ❗

For me, definitely the fifth season of “My Hero Academia” did a lot of damage to the general popularity of the work. I really say that, if it weren’t for the fact that it was precisely “My Hero Academia”, in all probability I would not have seen even half of it. Having said that, here is a survey for you. that you vote precisely about the current popularity of anime:

On the other hand and finally, in the same way that I think that currently the flame of “My Hero Academia” has faded a bit, I also think that due to the nature of the conflict of season 6 it is possible that it ends up turning on again at a certain point. We will have to wait, but it is clear that bones You will have to work hard, because nothing is given to you in a wild autumn like this.

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