How Quirks were created in the My Hero Academia anime

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series today and its history presents us with amazing battles between heroes and villains, which leave room for their amazing abilities, so today we will go into just this, in how they got those powers.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that the Gifts, also known as Quirks or superpowers, are special abilities that humans acquire from birth, or as the body of the individual who possesses them develops. Currently, 80% of the human population has gifts, thus being the 20% rare people who fail to obtain any of these powers for unknown reasons.

As has been seen in the anime, it is normal for a person to have abilities, but not much is said about where these powers come from, which in addition to helping, have also caused great problems, such as the League of Villains. If you do not know what the history of the Quirk is, then we are going to explain everything that is known about its origin.

According to what has been seen in the manganime, the first record of a person with Don was a newborn baby in China, in a hospital in the city of Quig Quig. This baby had the ability to generate light throughout his body. From this moment on, the generation of humans with Quirks began to arrive, some people already adults manifested powers and others just born as well.

It has not been confirmed how these powers were created, but it is thought that it was caused by viruses spread by mice worldwide, and this somehow caused humans to evolve. In the beginning, this phenomenon was known as “Meta Skills”, but after the laws were established they were called Gifts.

The Gifts are obtained naturally or are inherited directly from the family, and usually begin to manifest from 4 years of age. Another interesting thing that has been confirmed is that animals can also have Quirks like the director Nezu of the UA Academy, although it is very rare for it to happen.

Because Quirks are considered to be an evolution of humanity, you can tell who has powers by looking at their feet. This is because people who do not have special abilities (lower generation) have a vestigial joint in the little toe, scientifically known as “digitus minimus pedis”, while people with Don do not have such a joint (new generation). ).

It should be noted that a human of the lower generation can have a Quirk, but only if it is transferred, as All For One can do with its power to remove or absorb Quirks, or also the One For All. This would be the only case in which a person without Quirk could manifest it, one of the examples is Izuku Midoriya (Deku).