How to get new heroes in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

If you are a fan of the famous manga My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, you cannot stop enjoying the wonderful video game that bears the same name and that has been designed taking as inspiration each of its characters and stories.

But, you already know very well what this game is about and you are looking for new heroes and certain support cards, you have come to the ideal place since here we will tell you the best tricks to get the most powerful heroes and much more.

The first thing you should know is that you can get new heroes by going to the My Hero Academia: TSH menu and selecting the option to Recruitand immediately you will see the display of 3 options: basic, spice or limited.

Depending on the option you want you will get a hero in a short time. In case you want to learn a little more about this fantastic title, do not hesitate to visit our Complete guide of My Hero Academia: TSH where we will clarify your doubts and much more.

Steps to get heroes in My Hero Academia: TSH

Banner of characters in My Hero Academia the Strongest Hero

The first thing you should know when starting your search for heroes is that you can get them in their entirety and with their fragments. The latter with the intention that if you get a duplicate hero, you can replace some fragments.

In addition, in the same process of obtaining heroes you can choose to get support cards which always fall in 1 piece. Do you want to discover more about these cards? Visit the getting started guide in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero that we have prepared for the players of MHA: TSH.

Now that you know the essentials of hero recruitment, we tell you briefly how you can get onefrom the most basic to the limited.

My Hero Academia Basic Hero Recruitment: The Strongest Hero

In this title option you can get character shards Class 1-A that belong to the original plot. It is considered that, in the recruitment for every 10 attempts, a complete hero is dropped.

But this is not all, since, for every 30 attempts, it is guaranteed get a hero belonging to rank A. And for 100 recruit attempts, you’re guaranteed to get an S rank hero.

On the other hand, to hire a basic hero it will be necessary to use regular rental tickets. These are provided in the recruitment 1-XY 10-X. However, you should know that in the game there are no recruitment attempts without additional costs.

You can also contract basic support cards. For this you must make 10 attempts to get a 4-star support cardfor a 5-star you must get 30 attempts, and with 100 attempts you get a card with 6 stars.

To get the contract, it is necessary to purchase R&D ticketswhich are purchased at the MHA store: TSH.

Rental of special and limited heroes in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

In My Hero Academia you have different ways to get new characters

In My Hero Academia you have different ways to get new characters

These are types of contracts that have a time limit, therefore, their availability has a certain time. The best thing about these categories is that you can get featured heroesplus their support cards can be used in recruit attempts as many times as required.

Tricks to get the best heroes of My Hero Academia: TSH

It is no secret to anyone that luck comes into play when it comes time to acquire new characters, however, in this video game you can get a three heroes totally free. These are available from the start of the game; but recruiting 1 more can be a challenge for many players.

This initial trio of heroes references Chargebolt, Deku, and Red Riot; which are amazing. What’s more, is it possible to get a fourth hero to deal with challenges much better, but this is somewhat difficult in gacha flips as you can’t always get a whole hero, but part of his shards.

So if you’ve managed to get a hero in the first few recruit attempts, you’re one lucky player. If, on the other hand, you have not been able to obtain a new character, you must repeat the reroll. Reroll means taking out the gacha and restarting the process if you don’t like what you’ve got.

S rank character banner, Dabi, in MHA TSH

S rank character banner, Dabi, in MHA TSH

In this sense, finding a new hero will take a little longer, although this will also depend on your luck. As for the role change, it is usually done in RPGs where there is a gacha mechanic and multiple characters; which it can be advantageous for you in the first challenges of the video game, making these somewhat easier.

To perform a replay, you will need to log in to the game as a guest account. In an introductory way you are assigned 100 coins and hero characters. Then the tutorial session, this is a bit long and if you want to roll again you have to wait some time, even if it’s only one try. However, you can skip the tutorial since it is not necessary to enjoy the game and advance in it.

Once you’ve beaten the tutorial session, you’ll be able to recruit heroes on your own. For it you must click on the icon AU located at the bottom right of the monitor, and then select Recruit.

We recommend that before doing this step, claim your rewards that are found in the gift box and the mail, since it is possible to obtain additional coins or tickets, useful to buy another hero.

Now it is important that you know that, there is a 1.2% chance to get an S grade hero pertaining to basic recruitment. If what you want is to get Fumikage Tokoyami, Momo Yaoyorozu, Katsuki Bakugo or Shoto Todoroki it is somewhat difficult and depends on your luck in the pull. Anyway, if you don’t like your heroes, there’s no problem since you can go to the settings of your Android device to delete the game. That is, clear the data of the App My Hero Academia: TSH, including the cache.

In case you use an iOS, you must uninstall the App and then reinstall it. In case you need help to do it, you can consult the guide how to install My Hero Academia: TSH where we explain step by step how to do it quickly and safely.

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