How to install My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero on Android, iOS and PC

This great real-time role-playing video game inspired by the famous manga published by Shōnen Jump and created by Kōhei Horikoshi; in this world of villains and heroes You will be able to meet the most popular characters of said anime, such as: Bakugo, Midoriya, Uraraka, Todoroki and many more.

The intention of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is allow the player to relive every detail and event from the same TV show, so that the adventure begins as it has been narrated in the original story of the program, which makes it a special video game for its fans.

But, this is not everything, since as the player progresses in the story, a new argument will appear and this will start a totally different story and just as original and fun.

By downloading MHA: The Strongest Hero you will start a long journey throughout the Musutafu city in order to eradicate all the villains; for this to be possible you must fight in real time until you finish with your enemies. Here you can use special skills, launch combos and more.

What’s more, you can choose the game mode, fight with other players and other fun actions. If you want to know a little more, do not hesitate to visit our guía completa de My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero where you will find endless curiosities of this wonderful video game.

Ready to play? Here we will teach you how to download and install MHA: The Strongest Hero on your mobile device; be it an Android or iPhone mobile, as well as on your PC.

How to download and install My Hero Academy: TSH on Android

Download My Hero Academy TSH – Android apk game for phone or tablet for free

Download and install this game it is extremely simple and fastIn the first place, we will explain in detail what steps you should follow if your mobile is an Android.

First of all it is important that you know that this operating system has a store so that its users can download and install any application and game on your mobile, this store is known as Google Play Store. So the first thing you should do to download My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is to access this store from your mobile.

Once here, you must write in the search bar, located at the top of the Google Play Store interface, the name of the video game and wait for search results. You will immediately see the title of My Hero Academia: TSH.

Now, you must click on this game and proceed to download and install it. Having completed this process, the title will require a second download round of the rest of the data to finally be able to play.

All this process will be completed successfully in a matter of a few minutes, as long as you have a good internet connection. In case you need a little help, you can go directly clicking on this link in order to start the download more quickly.

How to download and install My Hero Academy: TSH on iOS

Download My Hero Academy TSH on iOS
Download My Hero Academy TSH on iOS

For mobile devices that have an iOS operating system, the download and installation process is just as simple and fast and even very similar to the steps to follow with Android mobiles.

To start, you must make sure that your mobile is connected to the internet, then access the App store incorporated by this operating system, App Store; from here you must write the name My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero in the search bar and view the results that the store provides.

Now, you must click on the video game App and then press the button Descargar. In this way, the download and installation process will begin on your mobile and in a matter of a few minutes you can start the adventure of this wonderful game.

If you want to speed up these steps a little more, press here to go directly to the My Hero Academia: TSH download.

How to install and play My Hero Academia: TSH on PC

In case you do not have one of the aforementioned devices, do not worry, since from your computer or PC You can also enjoy the pleasant experience that My Hero Academia: TSH offers. However, this game does not have an original support for PC, therefore, you cannot download and install it from application stores.

Instead, there are emulators that allow the execution of many games and this is the only valid option so that you can enjoy My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero from your computer, which we already anticipate must be powerful enough for the game to run without any problem and the user can have a good experience.

One of the most popular emulators is BlueStacks, which is also compatible with many games, including My Hero Academia: TSH. And if you want to play it on a computer, you will have to get hold of this or another emulation program. Later you install the title and proceed with the configuration of the controls to start your adventure.

Benefits of playing My Hero Academy: TSH on PC

Midoriya fighting Todoroki in My Hero Academia TSH
Midoriya fighting Todoroki in My Hero Academia TSH

Although many people prefer to play this type of title on mobile devices, the truth is that many are the benefits of playing it from a computer. These range from comfort to tranquility and user enjoyment.

The most notable thing about playing My Hero Academia: TSH on PC is the visibility of the video game, since this you can detail it much better on a PC screen, as well as you can play for a long time without worrying about whether the computer overheats or discharges, such as when playing from a mobile phone.

In addition, the interface of this video game perfectly fits the style of your computer screen or you can also choose whether to view it from the traditional way or adapt it to the vertical direction as seen on a mobile.

Another great benefit of playing My Hero Academia: TSH on a PC is resource farming, which allows the strengthening and improvement of the players so that they can successfully overcome the different game modes. This is so, because if users play from the computer, they won’t have to worry about the battery, as if it were a mobile, then being able to spend hours getting resources and improving the characters.

Undoubtedly, the latter will make a big difference between playing My Hero Academia: TSH from a computer and a mobile. So don’t wait any longer and enjoy this video game now.

▪ Release date: 06/01/2021