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Watch Boku No Hero in Order: A Fan’s Guide!

if you love boku no hero how do they do that fans around the world, then this guide is for you. Here you will find complete information on how to watch the series in the correct order.

Series List

Boku no Hero Academia or BTNH, this award-winning animated series offers a powerful world with loads of endearing characters and characters.

  • Season 1 (13 Episodes): Subtitles
  • Season 2 (25 Episodes): Subtitles
  • Season 3 (25 Episodes): Subtitles
  • Season 4 (25 episodes): Subtitles
  • Season 5 (25 episodes): Subtitles

What to Look for and How to See

Start with the first season of BTNH and follow the correct episode order. Since its premiere in 2016, Boku No Hero has been growing and each season is better than the last.

Start with Season 1 and follow the order of the list. If you like subtitles, the safest online option is Hulu, Funimation, or Crunchyroll. Many streaming services offer Baste Historia content, so you can also look into this option.

Hours and hours of entertainment

Now that you know how to watch Boku no Hero Academia, you can spend hours and hours of entertainment with one of the best anime available. From the excitement of the first season to the plot and characters of the fifth season, this series is a masterpiece and will remain a favorite for years to come.

If you intend to watch Boku No Hero Academia as an avid fan who follows every new episode, then just follow the steps above to watch the series in the correct order.

What is the name of Bakugou’s girlfriend?

Kyatsu Atsuki is a girl created by the fandom to be Bakugo’s love interest, her Quirk is Song and allows her to control people’s emotions through her voice.

How to Watch Boku No Hero in Order

Boku no Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series of recent times. If you want to know the history of this series in a structured way, then you must watch it in the correct order.

What Order to Follow?

Since Boku no Hero Academia is based on a full-length manga, there are several different orders you can follow to watch the series. If you want to see the entire story in the original order, then you should follow this guide:

  • Season 1: The first fifteen episodes would follow the exact order in which they appeared in the manga.
  • Season 2: This season occurs after a long hiatus and is based on the Hero Festival arc of the manga.
  • Season 3: This season is taken from the manga after Season 2, and is part of the Hero License Exam arc.
  • Season 4: Season 4 is based on an additional manga arc, the Outer Room of the League of Villains.
  • Eggs and Movies: After watching Seasons 1-4, it is recommended that you watch the Movies, OVAs, and Spin-Offs before moving on to Season 5.
  • Season 5: This season is based on the arc of Shinso’s UA High School Manga and begins almost immediately after Season 4.

Where to see it?

There are various platforms on which Boku no Hero Academia can be watched from the correct order. These include Netflix, Amazon, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. So whenever you want to refresh your memory about the story of Boku no Hero Academia, make sure to watch it from the beginning.

Where to watch the Boku no Hero 2022 movie?

‘Boku No Hero Academia: World Quest of Heroes’ Available to rent on Prime Video. It will also be available to rent through iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft Movies & TV.

How many seasons does My Hero Academia have?


My Hero Academia has four seasons to date. The fourth season premiered on October 12, 2019.

How to Watch Boku no Hero in Order

Boku no Hero Academia is an action comedy manga by author Kōhei Horikoshi serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The story follows the students of the Hero Academy, where they receive training to become the heroes who protect humanity. .

Order to see Boku no Hero


  • Boku no Hero Academia #1
  • Boku no Hero Academia #2
  • Boku no Hero Academia #3
  • Boku no Hero Academia: Watchmen #1
  • Boku no Hero Academia: Watchmen #2


  • Boku no Hero Academia season 1
  • Boku no Hero Academia season 2
  • Boku no Hero Academia: Watchmen season 1


  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)
  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2019)

Reading the manga and watching the anime is the best way to understand the story, as the anime follows the manga very carefully. If you want to deepen your knowledge, watch the Watchmen series and the two movies. The latter are not directly connected to the main plot, but they are also fun to watch.

I hope this guide to watch Boku no Hero in order has been useful in helping you enjoy this wonderful story to the fullest!